The only thing which will never come out of style is our memories. Pandora is a unique brand that devised luxurious way how to save the most cherished and memorable moments in the best jewellery. There exist people who conceive things in the raw, but some of us know that at times every detail conceals the fascinating history of ups and downs, adventures, love and big achievements. Pandora jewellery history has started in 1982 and since that time designers are creating the most exquisite beautiful genuine Pandora jewellery for their customers to help them perpetuate memories in marvelous, inimitable and extraordinary items, where each element has its own intimate meaning.

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Gold, silver or leather bracelets with unique patented claps were created to be filled with the fond memories embodied in genuine Pandora charms made of gold, silver, Murano glass, with precious stones or enamel. Every year the brand creates and releases new fabulous items, complementing their huge collection which counts over 600 fantastic charms. This year wasn’t exception. Collections of Pandora jewellery 2015 contain beautiful charms with hearts and gems dedicated to Valentine’s Day, lovely sparkling butterfly and red pave apple in spring collection, magical pieces dedicated to forever trendy Disney characters Minnie and Mickey, Cinderella and Frozen and others, heart-stirring charms in love&family collection and many, many more.

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This gives you an opportunity to stay on the peak of fashion wearing world-renowned brand jewellery and in the same time you have a chance to choose, creating your one and only excellent Pandora jewellery outfit. Probably this is the main reason, why Pandora is one the most popular brands in the world.

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The last but the least fact is that nevertheless the Danish jewellery items are on the market in more than 50 countries, the manufacture is unique as it is still not mechanized. So every jewellery piece is hand-made by one of three thousands best Tai jewelers.

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If you are still not on the list of Pandora or Endless addicted, but have in plans to come into it, take a glance at Pandora jewellery blogs for inspiration and ideas how to mix it with other jewellery or how to identify whether your Pandora is forgery. And welcome to the Pandora clan :)



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