We all used to classic jewellery materials and shapes, like gold or silver rings, necklaces, earrings etc. But fashion likes to shock! There is the good, the bad and sometimes weird. Creative designers are trying to go beyond standards and create jewellery pieces of different materials and forms. Their creativity has no limits! Enjoy or marvel the list of my top weirdest accessories and decide whether it’s normal or not.

Joanna Nealey finger ring

weird-jewellery-1 weird-jewellery-11

5 fingers on your hand are not enough? Just look at this strange ring with extra three fingers! This bold enamel ring, inspired by urban surrounding is designed for fashionistas who are ready to experiment and try new shapes. Not every girl is brave enough to try on such item, probably wearing it you won’t be understood in certain events and especially at office.

Mushroom necklace

weird-jewellery-1-mushrooms weird-jewellery-11-mushrooms

The first thing which comes into my mind, while looking at this weird necklace is ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Maybe wearing it, you may feel yourself a bit mad as all the characters. But in actual fact it is just a commercial of Harvey Nichols Foodmarket. Creative, shocking and genius! Hope, it won’t become a trend.

Fingertips rings collection by Natha Khunprasert

weird-jewellery-by-Natha-Khunprasert weird-jewellery-by-Natha-Khunprasert-2
weird-jewellery-by-Natha-Khunprasert weird-jewellery-by-Natha-Khunprasert

These totally bizarre rings are designed to challenge the movement, sensation or function of certain body parts. For sure they are not comfortable to wear. This collection looks more like a conceptional and not suitable for wear, but Thai designer Natha Khunprasert affirms that the aim of her works is to extend the boundaries between conceptual and fashion jewellery.

Cascading Mussels Necklace 

dF82W_M1LH0 Oscar+Carvallo+Spring+2013+Details+McVY4yxLanFl

Beautifully textured sculptural jewellery, designed by Oscar Carvallo, shows the beauty of natural materials. These metallic shell necklace inspired by ocean can easily make a fashion statement at any occasion. This gorgeous statement piece is ideal accessory for serene summer outfit. Besides it could become your DIY project. All you need is to collect shells at the seaside, paint in metallic and compose them into necklace.

Danyi Zhu Hand Adornment

Danyi-Zhu-Hand-Adornment Danyi-Zhu-Hand-Adornment-1

This jewellery, shaped by the body, is designed to be admired. It is beautiful in very weird way. Crafting this unusual masterpiece, the designer was striving to show people what contemporary jewellery look like. This wearable art is great challenge for the notion of traditional jewellery. It will definitely add a swag hint to your outfit and can easily make fashion statement.

Fashion armor

Taro-Hanabusa Taro-Hanabusa-1

Japanese designer Taro Hanabusa from Fangophilia proposes interesting conception of jewellery armor. It seems that his collection contains armor for any body part. He gained huge popularity among Tokyo fashionistas, but that’s not a patch on his famous buyer – Lady GaGa! This fabulous and weird mix of high fashion and gothic is rather body extension accessories than simple jewellery. And it definitely won’t catch the fancy of classic jewellery lovers.

Hussein Chalayan earrings

Hussein-Chalayan-earrings-1 Hussein-Chalayan-earrings-2

No doubt statement earrings are trendy, especially single statement earring! But if the size is too large? Luckily weird and massive earrings are the hot trend of the season. From the viewpoint of fashion it looks stylish but an extra large size seems they are very uncomfortable to wear. So if you are ready to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of extravagant look, you can try it on.

Companion Parrot necklace by Tithi Kutchamuch


If you like to learn ornithology, this necklace is definitely for you. I you love birds and their sweet songs this necklace is definitely not for you. I don’t know whether the designer loves birds or not, but for sure he has strong feeling to them. The brutal necklace called Companion Parrot, crafted by Tithi Kutchamuch, contains silver parrot skull and golden inners: bowels, heart and ventricle fasten with long chain. A bit scary and totally brutal, agree?


My verdict – it is definitely weird. In chase of extravagant look and new trends, don’t lose your head.



Fashion is totally my cup of tea, especially jewellery. I remember myself wearing something bright and shiny since childhood and even now I feel naked without jewellery. My addiction evolved into blog where you can find useful articles about latest jewellery trends and how to use them in your divine looks.