ways to save money on jewellery

Wearing jewellery in some way makes a person feel more attractive or noticeable, and better. I don’t usually have heaps of jewellery on but I accessories accordingly with a little jewellery here and there, and always have my wedding ring on. When you look into buying some kind of jewellery it can end up being way up on the pay scale. Below I will tell you seven ways you can actually reserve and save as much money as possible while you are on the market searching for jewellery to buy.

Avoid the larger jewellery stores.

This means the jewellery stores in malls sort of like kay jewelers, or the other gallerias found will initially be more expensive and to try avoiding these at all cost if you can. Most markups in a jewellery store like these are marked up in price as much as 700 to 800 percent! Find a jeweller that privately runs their own shop. They normally have cheaper prices. My parents actually have a friend who owns their own jewellery shop and my parents would drive hours out of their way just to purchase jewellery from here instead of upscale jewellery shops. Actually, my father told me that the jewellery you would find in his friend’s stores was worth more than the jewellery you found in big jewellery chains stores and also a lot cheaper than the bigger jewellery chains. Don’t just settle look around a little before you decide on a jewellery shop to make a purchase.

Shop Online

A lot of the times you will be able to find nice jewellery that is high-quality products for a lot less with their discounted prices online. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of salespersons hassling you in store, or other initial costs. Most online jewelers lower their prices significantly then the stores. Most online places don’t have a humongous markup to affect the cost either. Do not buy jewellery online with a company you haven’t heard of, and stick with trusted suppliers. You can typically find better deals online as well. Most jewellery retailers allow the use of online coupons that can be applied to your order total. Coupon search engines like Mamma let users search for coupons on all of their favorite online retailers.

ways to save money on jewellery


Make sure the gem is certified within the jewellery.

If you are paying an arm and a leg for a piece of jewellery the gems should be certified by the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America, so you need to make sure you check to see if the gem is. Make sure when you take your jewellery to an Appraiser you are speaking with one that is qualified within all the areas needed. If and when you buy jewellery you need to make sure they have written down the different specs of the gemstone and the different metals, if not make them write it down for you. Then after all is said and done, take the piece of jewellery somewhere and have this verified so you know you have received the exact item that you just paid for.

Buy silver jewellery

Since gold is 1,500 dollars per ounce a lot of people are looking towards buying silver pieces of jewellery because it is loads cheaper. Honestly silver has been my preferred type of jewellery so I don’t have a problem with this at all. However, the people that like gold may find that they should probably go the route and choose silver if they have money they are trying to save back. There is silver jewellery that is accented with yellow gold if you have to have your fix of gold. Silver can tarnish so you must take all precautions and know how to keep the jewellery from tarnishing.

large jewellery


Consider alternatives to diamonds

Honestly, diamonds are not my cup of tea. I mean the expense for diamonds is completely insane and I find diamonds to be kind of a bore. Emeralds are my favorite kind of stones, then follows sapphires. I guess I could say I also like pearls also. These can, of course, be very expensive as well. But, these gemstones do cost a lot less than a diamond would. If you do not exactly need to or want to buy diamonds you can save some money and funds by buying pieces of sets with different stones.

Diamonds alternative

Purchase jewellery that has been used

When you are looking to buy jewellery you do not have to buy something that is brand spanking new. When you visit a pawn shop you would be surprised with the deals you can come across or even the classified ads. I also must say even online auction sites and estate sales can have great prices on jewellery that is used also. You should take precaution and be careful with this because you may not be actually getting something that should be something else. You need to make sure you get what you pay for. If you buy something in one of these manners you should ask the seller for certifications of this jewellery and have the funds halted and put on escrow or some other way while you are looking into the jewellery and the certs.

Bigger doesn’t mean better

The best bang for your buck with jewellery if you are purchasing diamonds can be different things. You need to remember there a gemstone has more value and it is not based just solely on the size of the stone. The color of the stone, cut and clarity also makes a difference. Many gems that are bigger have more flaws and imperfections then a smaller one would and if you don’t know this A lot of jewellery focus on size and sell a bigger gem for more especially if you know nothing about the sizes and the certs of an item.


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