Sometimes we all need to stop, draw a deep breath and calm down.  When yoga is not enough and you have no time or possibility to go to luxurious fashionable spa resort, you can always turn to magic power of jewellery. There exist gems for love attraction, for adding energy, crystals for anxiety and good karma. Waters stone is one of those gems, which will help you to clean your energy, smooth and calm down. The purity of crystalline water will make you feel blessed and relaxed.

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Nowadays waters stone, a treasure of mermaids, is often spotted wearing by modern fashionistas. As for me this gem is ideal for wearing all year round, in hot summer as well as in frosty winter. As for summer I prefer rings, especially statement rings.

Waters stone also helps to overcome a fear of speaking. Just wear a beautiful and elegant ring on a day when you need to talk a lot, should it be important interview or first date. Completing your look with such jewellery piece will make you feel continent and stylish. Take a look at this fabulous ring, it will be perfect jewellery for the suit but also will add a stylish touch to romantic dress.


Waters stone rings look great in single and also make a good pair with another crystal rings in the same style. Opt for unique and edgy piece like this and accomplish it with trendy rose quartz crystal ring for super stylish look.

Waters-stone-rings Waters-stone-rings

This luxurious dimly white gem appears in nature in rather big sizes and can easily be used for crafting statement jewellery pieces. It is also perfect material for jewellery with secret, like poison rings. Massive crystals can hide a small box inside an item, where something very special and intimate can be stored. Here  you can buy beautiful example of such kind of jewellery.

Waters-stone-rings Waters-stone-rings

Waters stone resembles crystal water and also things connected to Heaven, which reflect in the water. Such items like this  fantastic ring with unique design will reflect your individuality and sense of style. Besides, its calming ability will make you feel confident and free.

Waters-stone-rings-4 Waters-stone-rings-44

Truly say, waters stone is very powerful stone. It is believed to be a crystal of healers, mystics and shamans as it has very strong healing energy. It helps to relax, to clean your karma, to explore the deepest places of the soul, to accelerate the intellectual processes, to defend the travelers in the trip, and bring harmony into family life and many more.

So wearing waters stone rings you meet two challenges – a fashionable look and good emotional and physical energy. Stay trendy and safe!



Fashion is totally my cup of tea, especially jewellery. I remember myself wearing something bright and shiny since childhood and even now I feel naked without jewellery. My addiction evolved into blog where you can find useful articles about latest jewellery trends and how to use them in your divine looks.

  • Kaya

    Wow great designs. After reading this I am started liking water stones. These designs are giving an ancient look also. Nice creativity. Looking forward to your blogs.