Ethnic jewellery plays one of the leading roles in Ukrainian art. From olden times women’s jewellery was an inherent part of festive cloth. It was more than just beautiful item, it was an amulet defending from the evil eye and bringing power and blessing and every piece had its assignment. Every color showed feelings and every element told the history and had own meaning. Without doubt, I can say that necklaces were the most popular and widespread item among ancient Ukrainian fashionistas.

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In different history periods size, shape, material and alloy have been changing, which indicates the rapid development of jewellery craft. Some pieces became more than just a history; they became a leading part of traditional Ukrainian culture.


In modern fashion world you can find a lot of expressions of Ukrainian culture, which makes it a hot fashion trend. Many famous fashionistas such as extravagant Anna Dello Russo, Natasha Goldenberg and others have been seen in London streets wearing boho outfits with embroidery elements and folk jewellery pieces. Even Dolce&Gabbana, Mulberry and Oscar de la Renta used folk embroidery and jewellery in their collections. And beautiful boho embroidery dresses by Vita Kin have already won popular affections.

Beautiful crowns with colorful flowers, commonly found in Ukrainian culture, need no confirmation of being the hottest trend of last few seasons.

Traditional Ukrainian ethnic necklaces are perfect accessory for outfit in bohemian style. Among magnificent ethnic necklaces you can find korali, gerdans, sylyanka and others. Korali are the most popular traditional accessory. They are made from coral beads, which are stung on a thread. Every strand is called razka, and its number can vary from 1 to 25. More razkas make necklace more expensive and precious. Korali were often mixed with other elements of ethnic jewellery, such as Venetian beads, dukaches, pearls, zgardas and sablas.

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Wearing this kind of statement necklace, you destine yourself to health, maiden beauty and a status of fashion diva.

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Nowadays you can find a wide range of jewellery in Ukrainian ethnic style – from vintage originals to handmade copies and expensive luxurious Oberig jewellery which embodies the best traditions of Ukrainian culture.



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