Scandinavian style gains popularity not only in clothes brands like V AVE SHOE REPAIR, Dr. Denim and Whyred, but also in accessories and jewellery. One of the most popular Scandinavian jewellers is Vibe Harsløf. Rather young brand manufactures delicate jewellery pieces, such as bracelets, rings and necklaces made of silver and gold. The main feature of Vibe Harsløf products is details: chain pendants hanging on chain necklaces, geometric curves beautifying bracelets and rings.


Vibe Harsløf, the brand creator, studied in Jewellery School in Germany and has been designing accessory collections for Paul Smith for 10 years. Later she decided to launch her name brand in Denmark, where she has recently moved to. She was immediately noticed by such magazines as Elle, and not long since Interview magazine has published an article about her works.


The designer creates pieces not only for her brand; she also works with her colleagues from Bijules and Wackerhaus. Now she is creating jewellery in collaboration with designers from Berlin and Copenhagen again and is planning a small exhibition in Japan.


When Vibe was 18, she has seen an exhaust show in German School of design. One of its graduating students was showing his jewellery line and that was the moment when Vibe realized what she wanted to do in life. Now it seems rather ambitious, but at that time she was captured with the fact that jewellery can be manufactured using materials which surround you. Designer started to work with Danish brand Jane Kønig in order to realize whether she liked this business. And she did! So she decided to pass the specialized school. Now Vibe manufactures her masterpieces using old techniques and such materials as gold and silver.

VIBE-HARSLØF22She thinks that each fashionista must have handmade jewellery piece as it is such an easy and intelligible way to make your outfit looks unique. The jeweller hopes that her clients are tending to onliness because it is very essential in the world where even street style fashion copies catwalk collections.



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