Namaste my dear jewellery lovers! Om, chakra, hamsa, asana and mantra… If you understand the meaning of all this words, this post about beautiful yoga jewellery is definitely for you. Yoga helps us to keep the mind in peace, to bring good karma into life and to achieve the greatest good of self-knowledge by releasing minds from the influences of the outside world.

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Yoga jewellery in UK becomes more and more popular as wearing your intention is believed to get you few steps closer to achieving your goals and dreams. Besides stylish snow quartz Budda bracelet which you can order via etsy is perfect accessory for boho style outfit. Beautiful snow quartz beads underline the warm color of tiny gold flower accents in such a magical way and radiate positive energy. If you are looking for more splendid effect, mix it with gold and silver statement bracelets.

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Yoga Om jewellery pieces are especially popular as the Om sound considered to be the most powerful in yoga philosophy. This sound of Universe represents the God in the fullest sense. Fashion world propose a lot of accessory items with this symbol – necklaces, rings, mala beads, watches, earrings and bracelets. Take a closer glance at fabulous cool minimal Om necklace on delicate silver chain. Beautiful statement ring with Om design will add a finishing touch and balance to you casual look. Get it here for only $23.35.

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Hamsa jewellery can be worn with almost any outfit. Elegant hamsa necklace will add a wild gypsy hint and make a casual outfit looks fresh. Need more information and huge assortment of extravagant hamsa jewellery which assure a protection and divine look? Visit etsy.

Sacred blueprint of all Creation on your hand can be realized with magical statement ring with flower of life design. Don’t miss a chance to buy this piece with good energy on etsy.

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If you are looking for charming present with special meaning, take a look at personalized lotus necklace. Fabulous lotus flower will bring divinity, enlightenment and wealth to its owner, while small silver disc is perfect place to engrave initials or special mantra.

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But if you are not a big fun of yoga, wearing yoga inspired jewellery will help you to attract pleasant feelings, thoughts and good energy into your life.



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