Top 10 Mens watches under £100

A trendy watch is an inspired way to add extra elegance to your appearance. Irrespective of your preferences, the next styles of men’s watches will surely bring you interesting options. There is something for every lifestyle and outfit. Watches are practical accessories that can beautifully complement your choice in clothing items. Here are the next styles of men’s watches, which will prevail in the future:


Classic style watches.

Classic watches are the ones that stay true to the key features of a time indicator. The strap is made of leather or imitation leather, the budget-friendly and vegan option. They are the most versatile as they can be worn in most occasions.
Due to the simple design, they work nicely with casual outfits, making them ideal for everyday use. The extra waterproof feature makes them durable as well. The only colours used here are brown, black and white, mixed with silvery or golden touches.

1. LongBo Mens Mechanical Wristwatch
£22.89 via EtsyLongBo Mens Mechanical Wristwatch

2. Classic Men’s Black Mechanical Wrist Watch
£35.98 via EtsyClassic Men's Black Mechanical Wrist Watch



Fashion style watches.

They are focused on having a highly appealing design. Fashion-oriented watches transform the watch into the most posh accessory. If you afford to splurge, you can even get a designer watch. Such items often look like high-end jewellery pieces due to the glistening golden or silvery finishes.
Also, the face is sometimes covered with a steel flap to maximize the jewel-like look. In order to boost the shininess, they might include crystal or synthetic sapphire surfaces.

3. Mens Fashion Watch
£13.08 via Etsy
Mens Fashion Watch

4. Steampunk Men’s Watch
£44.48 via Etsy
Steampunk Mens Watch



Retro style watches.

Retro fashion is in again. When it comes to watches, this translates mostly into calculator watches, classic digital ones with LED lights or even multicoloured ones inspired by the 80s.
Such a watch always remembers of one of the two main categories: the old-school digital design or the vintage minimalist one. They come with metal bracelets or canvas straps fastened with hook-and-loop fasteners. If you want to go old-school, this style is for you.

5. Automatic Skeleton Watch
£81.76 via Etsy
Automatic Skeleton Watch

6. Unique Retro Watch
£37.94 via Etsy
Unique Retro Mens Watch



Unusual style watches.

These ones are for men who aren’t afraid to take any chances and who like unique unconventional watches. They look as if they came straight from Sci-Fi movies so they will attract attention no matter where you might go. There is an impressive variety. Just think of a design and it’s probably already available.
Whether you want a skull or a dragon’s head as a face cover or you want to view the mechanics inside, nothing is too eccentric. If you couldn’t care less about numbers, you can pick a segmented bracelet that uses LED technology to display time. Watches with reverted faces and solar powered ones that include GPS are among the most popular.

7. Skeleton Mechanical Watch
£34.34 via Etsy
Skeleton Mechanical Watch

8. Skeleton Mechanical Watch
£22.89 via Etsy
See Thru Man Gear Watch



Sport style watches.

These watches meet the requirements of active men. Sport watches come with buckle clasps and the materials used for straps are plastic, rubber or resin. The brands experiment a lot with shade combinations, from dark ones to bright colourful ones. Pitch-black is the favourite for many men’s sports watches. They often include the stopwatch function. You can also find special sport style items such as diver watches or pilot watches, which can perform elaborate calculations.

9. Mens Quartz LED Watch
£77.84 via Etsy
Mens Quartz LED Watch

10. Men’s Black Stainless Steel Date Digital LED Watch Bracelet Sport Watches
£19.28 via Etsy
Men's Black Stainless Steel Date Digital LED Watch Bracelet Sport Watches

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