skeleton jewellery

Half a year remains till Halloween, but fashionistas appears more and more often on London streets wearing skeleton jewellery. Stylish, juicy, a little gothic but exceedingly fancy, this trend gradually catches hearts of all vogue lovers. Bracelets, rings, necklaces in form of skeleton may browbeat at the first glance, but definitely add eccentricity to your casual look.

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Keep your eye out for Alexander McQueen twin skeleton jewel bangle made of brass and adorned with Swarovski crystal, which will be audacious accomplishment of evening outfit.

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We have also liked Delfina Delettrez Fendi’s silver, ruby and diamond skeleton hand, which made a noise in fashion world during Paris Fashion Week.

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This classy and macabre accessory is new must-have in Top 10 list for every fashionista. The devilish beauty of the bracelet with diamonds and ruby will make a huge fashion statement on your hands.

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Vivienne Westwood Palladium plated skeleton necklace will be a perfect present for you and your beloved man. This iconic unisex jewellery available in silver and rose gold in form of skeleton with movable limbs will make you and your man the most stylish couple of the season and will definitely cause envious looks from passers-by.

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Wear skeleton necklace with everyday casual outfit, little dress or jacket and T-shirt with low cut, mix it with layered necklaces or choker and be ready to look chic and fancy.

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