A carefully selected piece of jewellery makes a truly inspired gift for any woman, irrespective of her age, because it combines luxury aesthetics with incredible functionality and practicality. Before you decide on a certain jewellery item, you need to take into consideration a few factors, in order to make sure that you have made the right choice.

These factors include first of all the personality of the recipient, her fashion style, the nature of that particular event or special occasion and last, but not least, the year s jewellery trends. If you are not familiar with the types of jewellery which are trendy in a certain year, you can rely on the advice provided by in-house consultants who work in various jewellery stores.

As a general rule, if you want to make a good impression, you should choose only designer jewellery and avoid costume or fashion jewellery.

Tips On Jewellery Items Which Make Perfect Gifts For Women

In addition, knowing the recipient’s taste and preferences in terms of jewellery would be ideal. For instance, if you know that she likes to wear a certain precious metal, gold, silver or platinum, you can choose an item which incorporates that particular metal. Also, it might be useful knowing if she likes extravagant, exotic or eye-popping pieces of jewellery or more subtle, romantic or feminine ones; in case you have no idea, then you need to make the decision based on her personality, since a woman s taste in jewellery is closely related to the nature of her character and temperament.

There are universal and timeless pieces of jewellery which transcend every personality in the world – they are, of course, diamond jewellery. No wonder Marilyn Monroe stated that diamonds are a girl s best friend. However, since these items are nowhere near in the affordable range for any budget, you can choose other equally appealing, splendid pieces of jewellery, incorporating other precious gemstones and still make a wonderful gift without investing a significant amount of money in it.

In terms of types of jewellery, it is better to choose pieces with neutral significance, such as necklaces, earrings or bracelets. You should avoid giving rings as a gift to a woman, unless you are married to her, in order to prevent misunderstandings or giving false expectations. Of course, if you are planning to propose to a woman, then a carefully chosen ( preferably diamond) engagement ring is the right choice.

It might also be useful to know a little bit about her jewellery collection at home and choose an addition to what she already has. For instance, if she constantly wears a birthstone ring, choose a pair of earrings featuring the same birthstone. If she enjoys a certain type of necklace, consider purchasing a lovely pendant which matches perfectly that type of chain or even purchase her a matching bracelet. Also, another idea is to choose a jewellery item which you know that she lacks; if she has many bracelets and earrings, but only a couple of necklaces, then go for a chic and elegant necklace.

Choosing the most expensive piece in the jewellery store is not a guarantee that the woman would like it. Her personality and fashion sense should be seriously considered.

For instance, if she is an independent, hard-working business woman with a very active lifestyle, you should choose statement jewellery, such as statement necklaces with large precious gemstones in vibrant colors, statement earrings or bracelets, all of which are very trendy this year. Another gift idea for an independent and powerful woman is a sophisticated and elegant designer watch studded with different precious gemstones. Since a high-quality designer watch will not go out of style any time soon, she can wear it for years to come, which makes it a long-lasting gift.

If the woman is more delicate and feminine, then you should choose a romantic and classy, less eye-popping jewellery item, preferably pastel earrings or bracelets with smaller gemstones set in various precious metals. For an open-minded woman who enjoys being in the center of attention at all times, you can choose highly stylized, very trendy and chic geometric shapes, larger or smaller because these represent a streamlined way to actually make a statement while she captures all the attention.

If you want to choose a jewellery item to give as a gift to a visionary woman, with a highly innovative and creative spirit, then you can choose art-deco inspired items which juxtapose a modern punch of style with vintage heirlooms. These are one of the jewellery trends this year and, although they have not become mainstream yet, they look uniquely distinctive and delightfully special. For a woman who craves a bit of edge and approaches an extravagant fashion style, silver-colored heavy metals studded with various gemstones in vibrant and bold colors make the perfect gift.

A woman with a strong sense of humour would certainly appreciate playful and super-fun jewellery items which are very trendy this year, such as moustache stud earrings, screw studs or a necklace featuring large lips made of rubies. For a younger, cool woman who enjoys clubbing and parties, wrap bracelets, which can be layered with other pieces, such as bangles or friendship bracelets and they are easy and fun to wear make the perfect gift.

The most important thing when you choose jewellery to present to a woman as a gift is to always choose quality over quantity. It is better to choose a smaller but high-quality item than an inexpensive matching set or large piece of jewellery. Also, you should take into consideration the message you want to send. For instance, diamonds symbolize eternal love, sapphires stand for friendship, rubies express sexual passion.


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