Sexy Party JewelleryWhen you are looking to accessorize your nightclub sexy outfit or evening wear, it is all about jewellery. An evening out is the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and your unique personality, because you can get creative yet unrestricted in terms of jewellery items, while stepping out in style. Most importantly, the right pieces of jewellery for you are the ones you have fun with. Although there are neither general rules nor restrictions regarding what you should and should not wear, the phrase made famous by Rihanna “shine bright like a diamond” certainly applies to the kind of jewellery that is suitable for nightlife. Glittering, bold and bright jewellery is definitely a winner.

Sexy Party Jewellery

If your budget allows it, then there is no perfect type of nightclub-oriented jewellery other than diamond jewellery items, preferably one or two ( diamond earrings paired with a brilliant diamond ring should be enough for one night in the club). Diamond jewellery are the epitome of good taste, timeless elegance as well as eccentricity and extravagance, a must in any respectful nightclub. Diamonds will never go out of style and they provide the opportunity to really show off, which is what a nightclub is all about. The bottom line is that you cannot go wrong with donning a pair of diamond earrings or other diamond jewellery items when you go into a nightclub.

In case you cannot afford them, you should not fret, because they are also other excellent options that will make you stand out from a crowded nightclub. Thus, you can choose, again depending on your budget, either designer jewellery or costume jewellery, the easier on the pocket alternative, yet equally spectacular. The point is that you can still look glamorous, breathtakingly sexy and posh without spending all of your savings on expensive jewellery. A wide selection of exquisite and unique pieces of fashion jewellery is available both online and in jewellery stores and they look fabulous when paired with a nightclub outfit.

Here are a few useful guidelines and tips to help you choose the right jewellery items for nightlife.

1. Think Big – but only in terms of size. When it comes to jewellery for nightclubs, the bigger, the better. It is best to restrain yourself from overwhelming your outfit with an excessive number of jewellery items donned at the same time. Remember that you want to step out in style and make a statement, not exaggerate and look like a Christmas tree. This guideline applies regardless of the current trends in terms of jewellery. An evening out is not the right time to keep a low key on the profile; you really want to flaunt your jewellery.

However, you should advisedly avoid wearing layers upon layers of various bracelets and necklaces. Instead, you should opt for one or two star-pieces such as a cuff bracelet and an imposing, colorful statement necklace. For instance, you can choose an oversized and chunky bracelet in solid gold, created by the famous designer Celine, that reminds of the hip-hop old school style from the late 1980s and is perfect for donning in nightclubs. This item is favorited by the British editor of Vogue magazine.

2. Make a statement with cutting-edge, avantgarde necklaces – Wear a fabulous, striking and colorful long necklace, for a distinctive and eye-catching allure. Statement necklaces are one of the trends in jewellery this year and they truly flatter an evening ensemble. If you are wearing a dress with a V neckline, then you can either double or triple the necklace in order to fit perfectly. The necklace should always match your neckline for a full-fledged, spectacular and glamorous effect. For instance, you can choose a Venetian vibrantly colored necklace, featuring lots of precious and/or non-precious gemstones in different colors. This is excellent for drawing attention to your neckline.

3. The opening night necklace – this eye-popping, very long jewellery item made of small strands/pearls is extremely versatile and it gives you the opportunity to be creative and create a one-of-a-kind piece. There are so many ways that you can wear this glamorous, chic and distinctive piece, according to your preferences. The simplest way is to double it, place it behind your neck and then take the strands and make a long knot. You can also double it with a clip-it in the back of your neck and then wear it with a decorative pin or a captivating enhancer that you can easily pin onto the necklace, if you really want to jazz it up.

Another way that you can wear this fabulous necklace in a unique manner is to divide the strands into three and then to braid each of them with a colorful ribbon. This looks extremely chic and it compliments your cleavage. Other ways include using a single or a double crochet and turn it into your desired length or take the strands and make three knots for a V effect that also draws attention to your cleavage. Another idea is to twist it in opposite directions, until it is tight and nice, which also enhances your outfit.

4. Eye-catching, sparkling body chains – pair the trendy body chain either with a dress that has a bare back or with a chic blouse, top, tank or camisole that compliments your body type. Simply adjust the fit of the chain in order for it to lay nicely over the tank. Body chains are very popular with young women who love to dance in nightclubs and they are excellent for clubbing, providing a full-blown effect. These costume jewellery items are inexpensive, yet very dramatic and they capture all the attention. A body chain offers a sexy and edgy look and it is suitable for a dressed up occasion, such as a night out. For a rocker chic look you can don a jacket studded with spikes and swarovski crystals. If you really want to stand out, then you can choose leg chains, paired with a dress, for an edgier look.

5. Bold, eye-candy and sparkling statement earrings are a must-have in any nightclub, because, with the music so loud, people end up whispering in your ear. Two-toned earrings (rose or yellow gold and silver), large and long chandelier earrings are very eye-catching and truly flatter a dress. Emerald earrings compliment all skin types, they look fabulous and you can pair them with a unique signet ring. You can also choose hoop earrings; again the bigger, the better, so that you can flaunt your style.

In addition to taking into consideration the year s trends, your choice for jewellery also depends on your outfit. Choose necklaces if you are donning a top or a dress that shows your cleavage and cuff bracelets in case you want to emphasize your legs. The lengthy statement necklaces can be matched with a pair of sparkling and vividly colored earrings, in order to capture the bright light and have all eyes on you.


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