When you select a pair of earrings, in addition to jewellery trends, you should also take into consideration your face shape. If you have an elongated face, knowing what you can wear before purchasing a certain type of earring that you fancy is essential, because the earrings need to balance out optimally your oblong face shape. The right style, shape, color and type of earrings will ultimately flatter your oblong shape, by drawing attention to your cheekbones and eyes, instead of emphasizing your jaw line.

Earrings For an Oblong Face Shape

Celebrities with oblong face shape such as Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Teri Hatcher always choose to wear earrings which complement their face shape and add width to their faces, for aesthetically appealing effects. The earring styles and shapes you should avoid at all costs, irrespective of the jewellery trends are slim and longer earrings which fall at your jaw line, because visually they further elongate your face. Earrings which give width, such as those with a round shape are perfect for an elongated face with a narrow chin, because they balance the oblong face and provide a fuller appearance of the face.

In order to make sure you choose the right pair of earrings for a long-shaped face, first of all you need to find the widest area on your face, because this is going to help you with the proportions and the right length of the type and style of earrings that you can confidently wear. Understanding your specific jaw line or shape is also very important, because this helps you to know exactly where to put the balance of the earrings for flattering results. An elongated face is wider at forehead and it has a narrower chin line. This is why in terms of shape, the right earrings for this face shape are the ones which complement your eyes and cheekbones and do not draw attention to your jaw line.

In terms of style, when you are looking for a romantic look, you should opt for earrings which are closer to your eye area, such as stud earrings, huggy earrings or clip-on earrings. If you want to approach a sexier look, then your face needs to be emphasized, which means that you can choose a medium-length pair of earrings that does not exceed your jaw line. As a general rule, the closer the jewellery goes to your eyes, the more you can emphasize your eyes; the lower the jewelry goes down, the more is going to emphasize your face.

In terms of color, the earrings which suit perfectly an elongated shape are made of precious metals in warm colors such as yellow gold and rose gold and which incorporate various gemstones in warm and complementary colors which add extra width to your face. These include red-colored gemstones such as ruby, garnet or tourmaline; orange-colored gemstones including fire opal, star moonstone and citrine; bronze or brown-colored gemstones including agate and tiger s eye; purple-colored gemstones such as amethyst and fluorite and yellow/golden gemstones such as chrysoberyl, quartz and, of course, the sophisticated yellow diamond.

In terms of type and shape of the earrings, here are a few which complement and balance perfectly the features of an elongated face. You should always avoid extra lengthy and skinny earrings.

1. Clip-on earrings in a wide range of styles and colors. The main advantage of this type lies in the fact that clips can be positioned exactly where you want to, in contrast with pierced earrings which flow from the earlobes. This allows you to add a touch of aesthetic detail to your face, while flattering it at the same time.

2. Regardless of a certain style, always choose to have your earring flowing into your face and not outside it, thus adding the width you need to your face. Small or larger studs incorporating precious gemstones such as diamonds are not only extremely elegant and classy, but they also emphasize your smile and eyes, by drawing the eye line upwards, without accentuating your jaw line.

3. Circular or round-shaped earrings, such as hoops because they provide the right contrast to an oblong face, helping to fill out your face. Irrespective of the size of the hoops, they will always draw attention to your eyes and increase the width of your long-shaped face. They are also very trendy and are combined perfectly with a casual ensemble.

4. Small orbs or drop earrings also balance out an elongated face and provide a glamorous and chic look, perfect for a special night out or even for an elegant office environment. Their dangling effects also allows more fluidity, despite their relatively small size.

5. Short or medium-length chandelier earrings are also another option for an oblong face shape, because they emphasize your cheekbones instead of your jaw line, for a fuller aspect of your face. These earrings are very popular with Hollywood celebrities because they create a stylish, classy and sophisticated look. You can choose smaller or larger hanging gems, but always select a wider pair, for an optimally balanced effect.


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