All women and many men actually are united in their love for “trinkets” of any kind. However the fashion for bling jewelries whether real gems or just a beautiful imitation varies from year to the next. How to glorify yourself for the new season?

Metals: let’s combine different colors
The classic rule of wearing simultaneously the metals of one kind and do not mix yellow and white jewelries is practically outdated now. Now everything is vice versa: metals of different colors can be worn at the same time as well as the new production of jewelries of the multiple-colored gold. The white metal has become more relevant , but red and white gold combination are still sitting tight.

jewelry for winter and spring

The gems today also are enchased in pink metals, but specialists cannot distinguish the most “fashionable” metal because you won’t find such. Two shades of gold or any other metals combination are popular, but one of them should be indispensably white as it multi-purposed and suitable for jewelries of any size and style.
The metal color pretty much depends upon the gem which accomplishes the “set”. The gems should be white, look like diamonds or be naturally colored stones. The gemstones can be as precious, semi-precious as inexpensive jewelry which imitates the natural stones. The main thing for the garment is to be chosen with taste.

jewelry for winter and spring

At the moment jewelers define two trends to be considered while choosing the jewelry: whether it is a minimalistic decoration with clear stones, either deliberately rich jewelry sets, enriched with details and stones of different sizes and colors combinations. Most popular gemstones are still the clear zircons, crystals and diamonds. Bright natural stones as emeralds, sapphires, topazes, citrines and aquamarines are unquestionably popular this season. Pearls and its jewelries in combination with white gold is particularly relevant.

The clear stones are still the most popular. The thing is that the classic is always eternal and the transparent stones suit anyone, also it’s referred to natural gemstones of deep bright colors as garnets, amethysts and rubies.
There are lots of garments where the center stone is surrounded by some fine stones or pearls.
Actually pearls are very relevant again both natural and artificial. Neat pendants with elegant pearl as well as massive “multilayered” necklaces represent a huge variety of garments which are produced nowadays of pearls. Moreover, the pastel-colored pearls are on the run but the vivid shades.

Shapes: farewell to flowers, hello, geometry!
If the jewelry has the classical form with round, pear-like or teardrop shape, then you can have lots of them. The tradition of buying the gems with complete sets including the ring, earrings and necklace is coming back now. This tribute to the fashion for the aristocracy is coming back.

The more distinctive jewelries of extraordinary fancy shapes are shown to advantage “in a long conspicuity”.
The flower shapes are definitely get over; they are substituted by the more regular geometric shapes.
Vintage in jewelry is very popular, as for in clothes for example — it comes with massive garments which are nevertheless recommended to everyday wear with casuals. With the gem-cutting and faceting you can fully reconstruct the appearance and stylistics popular in the XIX century.

One more jewelry trend is to decorate both hands simultaneously. Moreover it should be equal in design rings only, one of which is bigger and another one is completely small and neat. They can be embellished with the same stones or not, the key point is to replicate the style of both of them.


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