Founded in 1837 in New York by Charles Lewis Tiffany, Tiffany & Co., known simply as Tiffany s is the most famous luxury jewellery corporation in the world. The epitome of style and taste, Tiffany is globally renowned for its exquisite and rare diamond jewellery collections and for its magnificent diamond engagement rings in particular, as well as for its unique precious gemstones. Tiffany s jewellery have fascinated famous and wealthy people worldwide for almost two centuries. To this day, people who are addicted to style are most certainly addicted to Tiffany s unique and high-end pieces of jewellery.

Tiffany & Co.

Legendary celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn have embraced and praised the mythical and glorious style of Tiffany jewellery in the iconic movies “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and “Breakfast at Tiffany s” respectively. In the famous song “Diamonds Are a Girl s Best Friend”, Marilyn Monroe mentions twice the legendary name Tiffany s, while Audrey Hepburn s character, Holly Golightly considers Tiffany s the best place in the world. Tiffany s represents the very essence of brilliant and captivating diamond jewellery and America s source of the finest and ultimate luxuries.

Tiffany s flagship stores are located in New York City (at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan), London and Milan, but the luxury corporation has 167 stores worldwide. The advertising strategy of this multinational company consists of a mail-order catalogue entitled the Blue Book which has been operating since 1845. In 2012, Tiffany & Co. celebrated 175 years of mythic style and jewellery extravaganza. One of the largest and most famous fancy yellow diamond in the world, the Tiffany Yellow Diamond was purchased by Charles Tiffany in 1878 and it is on permanent display in Tiffany s New York flagship store ( opened in early 20th century), a US legend in its own right.

The magnificent Tiffany Yellow Diamond originates in South Africa, it is a 128. 53-carat diamond with a stellar brilliant cut, weighing 25.108 g. This cushion-shaped fancy yellow diamond features 90 facets ( as opposed to a conventional round brilliant that has 57-58 facets) and it had been worn by two women only, set in extravagant yet elegant necklaces – in 1957 by Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse, a US politician s wife and by the legendary actress Audrey Hepburn in 1961, at the premiere of the memorable movie “Breakfast at Tiffany s “, based on Truman Capote s novella with the same name. In honor of Tiffany s 175th anniversary, the Tiffany Yellow Diamond was reset and suspending it from more than 100 carats of white, brilliant diamonds. Since 2012, Tiffany has been purchasing diamonds from ALROSA, a Russian diamond company located in the Sakha Republic/Yakutsk area and which is involved in diamond mining in countries such as Namibia and Angola. In the celebratory year 2012, Tiffany s also debuted its RUBEDO metal collection.

This luxury corporation has set the standard for brilliant diamond jewellery, yet it is not famous worldwide only for its magnificent diamonds. In 1851, Tiffany s pioneered the 925/1000 silver standard, adopted later by the US and in 1926, Tiffany s standard of purity for platinum (95%) was adopted as the official standard in the US. Since 1837, Tiffany s fulfills a glorious and prestigious mandate for surprise and innovation in jewellery design as well as dazzling discoveries in terms of precious gemstones – new designs, new materials and rare gemstones. In 1902, the son of Charles Tiffany, Louis Comfort Tiffany became the first official jewellery design director of the company.

In the same year, Tiffany premiered kunzite, a fascinating lilac-colored gemstone named after Tiffany s prominent gemologist George Kunz, then the company introduced morganite, a captivating blush-colored gemstone named after the famous US banker J.P. Morgan, a regular Tiffany s customer. In 1967, Tiffany &Co. debuted the enthralling deep blue gemstone called tanzonite, named after Tanzania, the place where it was discovered. In 1974, the company introduced tsavorite, a vibrant green garnet whose name comes from Kenya s Tsavo National Park, where it was found. Over the years, Tiffany s masters in jewellery have travelled to the remotest corners of the planet and they have dedicated their lives to discovering the most extraordinary and remarkable gemstones, that are coveted to this day, for the world s most magnificent and eye-catching jewellery. Tiffany s remains the home of the finest diamond jewellery on the face of the earth.

Tiffany s jewellery pieces have been worn throughout the years by wealthy and famous families in the US and the UK ( such as the Vanderbilt and the Astor families), by European royalty members, magnates and influential businessmen, heads of state, socialites as well as music and movie stars. Tiffany s embodies the quintessence of perfection in terms of chic and innovative jewellery design and exquisite craftsmanship and over the years, it has defined style by avantgarde jewellery designers and glam collections. In 1956, the famous jewellery designer Jean Schlumberger joined Tiffany s and his nature-inspired, extravagant designs are worn to this day by celebrities in the entertainment business.

In 1974, Elsa Peretti, a young jewellery designer introduced organic and sensuous pieces of jewellery that respect the natural form. In 1980, Paloma Picasso revolutionized the jewellery industry with intrepid and extravagant designs and in 2006 Frank Gehry debuted a kinetic, inventive and modern jewellery collection. In 1999, after decades of development, Tiffany s premiered the fascinating cut Lucida in order to maximize brilliance; the step-cut and high crown of the diamond is mounted elegantly on a band of eye-catching, smooth curves. Based on the cushion cut Tiffany Diamond, in 2007 the company debuted the magnificent Tiffany Novo diamond; its cushion cut displaying a unique faceted pattern is set on four sleek prongs for incredible reflection of light. In 2009, the Tiffany Keys collection was introduced, allowing customers to combine glamorous chains and unique key pendants for an individual style.

The luxury company has become the benchmark of refined designer jewellery, has captivated jewellery aficionados worldwide and it has celebrated the greatest love stories in the world. The legendary and quintessential Tiffany Setting diamond engagement ring was introduced by Charles Tiffany in 1886 and ever since, it has played a significant part in fascinating love stories throughout the time. The six-prong Tiffany Setting is the most famous engagement ring in the world and it represents the most brilliant diamond ring ever created, by lifting the diamond above the band so that it fully reflects the light. It is globally recognized as the ultimate engagement ring.


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