Knowing what are the most appropriate pieces of jewellery that can be worn in a professional workplace environment and what you should avoid at all costs is essential. Any business woman should maintain a professional look at all times, irrespective of her taste or preferences in terms of jewellery. The most important secret of wearing jewellery at the office is the simpler the jewellery, the better. The workplace is not the right place to show off intricate and extravagant pieces of jewellery; therefore, a refined and classy taste is crucial when you choose to accessorize a business attire. Another essential secret refers to the total number of jewellery items that you can wear simultaneously at work – three items in total, which include your wedding or engagement ring. This number should not be exceeded if you are looking to adopt a professional, serious look at your workplace.

Business Woman's Jewellery Set

The purpose of jewellery worn by a business woman is to complement and enhance her professional and elegant look, not to take over it and unnecessary dramatize it. Professionalism goes hand-in-hand with conservative jewellery items because they give a sense of gravity, seriousness, solemnity and persistence, which are highly important in any business environment. Properly choosing jewellery to wear with a business suit is highly important in your career because, more often than not, a professional allure speaks a thousand words and it is an intrinsic part of your path towards success. Furthermore, the right jewellery items also increases one s confidence and inspire creative ideas, highly important in one s work.

The quintessence of jewellery for a business woman is elegant minimalism; in other words, less is more. The style of choice is a simple, yet highly refined which should emphasize preferably one or even two high-quality jewellery items. There are plenty of options available for any business woman, depending on her personality. For instance, you can choose either a designer watch with subtle diamond insertions, Swarovski crystals or precious colored gemstones, a chic and elegant ring with a unitary design or even a delicate set ornated with fine crystals. A solitary yet expensive piece of jewellery works miracles for a business suit. Costume jewellery should be avoided altogether.

It is highly important to avoid feathery textures, eye-popping colors, over-sized and extra glowing jewellery items, because these are not suitable in a business environment, where seriousness and top professionalism is the key to success in any business field. Earrings should be kept simple, tasteful albeit elegant with a touch of your personal style and temperament. For instance, if you have a favorite or a lucky gemstone, you can choose earrings with that gemstone or birthstone in a well-proportioned size. They should look eye-catching and stylish but not overwhelmingly flashy and extravagant. A subtle touch of color can also be added, preferably cold colors such as dark green, dark blue or marine.

In case you are keen on following this year s trends in jewellery, then you should opt for earrings with small-sized or medium-sized emeralds, which add a unique touch, while complementing and enhancing a dark blue or black business suit and drawing attention to your eyes. Classic earrings such as studs and teardrop look stunningly combined with a business suit. In case you fancy dangling earrings, the dangle below should never exceed one inch/ 2.50 cm in length and it is advised to avoid earrings which fall beyond your jaw line. This is because extra long earrings do not provide a laid-back, polished appearance and most of the times they interfere with the collar of the business suit, giving the sensation that they are all over the place.

Another reason why you should avoid too pompous and wide dangling earrings is the fact that they can be acoustically disturbing in a business environment. They tend to move together with your movements and make noise, which is inappropriate in any office. Furthermore, you should also avoid other noisy jewellery items, for instance lots of bracelets on your right/left wrist or an intricate and large necklace with too many decorations which clink or jingle when you move around. If you fancy hoops, you should choose small-sized hoops that can elongate your neck accentuate and complement your business suit. Hoops that are too large or hang too low should be avoided, because they distract the eye.

An elegant and conservative designer watch on your wrist is one of the best choices for jewellery to accessorize a polished business outfit, because it looks aesthetically pleasing yet very professional and thanks to its functionality, creates a reassuring feeling, that you are always on time, among your business partners. High-quality watches are the ultimate symbols of timeless elegance

When looking for the right necklace, you should choose a necklace that emphasizes your neckline but at the same time without over-emphasizing your cleavage. This is why you should never choose large or wide necklaces that dangle between cleavage. A delicate chain, such as a trace chain or a belcher chain with a subtle or smaller pendant provides some accent to the neckline without looking too sparkling. Hanging pendants are excellent for higher cut boat neck shirts.

When choosing pendants, it is important o avoid the ones with an intimate and personal significance, such as heart-shaped pendants or those resembling your zodiac sign. In terms of bracelets, you can choose simple and trendy bracelets made of precious metals, with or without gemstones. Try to avoid large bangles, charm bracelets or tennis bracelets as well as ankle bracelets in any workplace.


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