Can two keep a secret? Certainly, if one of them is dead or one of them is your fancy jewellery!

Jewellery pieces with secret were especially popular in the Middle Ages. The most commonly found were massive rings with boxes hidden inside. Usually such items contained poison powder so people were often afraid of the owner of such jewellery piece. It was a time of cruel intension.

In 16 century such rings were forbidden to wear and lockets replaced them. Lockets were admired by all ladies as they got a chance to hide a name of secret lover or his lock of hair inside a pendant.

But such accessories with secrets quickly lost their popularity as they were more than jewellery, but complex engineering masterpieces. They often contained a lock and a key to avoid accidental opening, besides small size of the item made it difficult to craft technically. So the high price of the jewellery discouraged people to order lockets and poison rings.

But eventually the interest in secret jewellery was rekindled and now more and more fashionistas are spotted on the streets of London wearing this brand new old trend. Take a look at my favorites!

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This stash necklace is a beautiful secret box made of sterling silver. Its lovely design where each detail is carefully handmade gives endless possibilities of things to be hidden. So what is in your pendant? Should it be your daily medicines, favorite poem or quote, secret note or essential oil? Keep there what is close to your heart. This beautiful necklace will perfectly match your casual outfit and is suitable for everyday wear.

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The more extravagant brooch is, the better effect it will provoke. This delicate silver brooch with more than extravagant design will become perfect jewellery for suit. Poppy seed design will provide flirty note and return you to feisty childhood. Creative Ukrainian jewelers made an effort to copy the most talented master ever – the Nature itself. But not everything is so careless in this piece. It has tiny container which can hide something small yet very important.

jewellery-with-secret-22 jewellery-with-secret-21

This fabulous ball locket is perfect to carry your favorite poem. Or it could be presented to your beloved one with a secret note about your sincere feelings. There couldn’t be better and more romantic gift. Contemporary design makes the pendant trendy and stylish and allows wearing it with almost any outfit. This fancy pendant is better to wear with long chain as such jewellery piece will make you look svelte and stylish.

jewellery-with-secret-31 jewellery-with-secret-33

Fancy rings with black gems, pink quartz crystal, labradorite, mother of pearl and other precious stones always look great.  But these ones are even better and more unique as their design provides a possibility of secret message to be engraved on the back. It could be initials, name or date. You will look glamorous and mysterious with such ring on your hand, as only you know what it conceals. Shop it here.

jewellery-with-secret-41 jewellery-with-secret-42

Turquoise poison ring is the best summer accessory. It contains the most summerish and gypsy stone – turquoise and it has useful partition for poison… (Just joking) The days of cruel poisoning are well behind and modern fashion industry proposes to fill the compartment with useful treasures  like lip balm or solid perfume. It is extremely comfortable at festivals and parties when your purse is too small to contain all your beauty stuff. You can buy it here.

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Fashion is totally my cup of tea, especially jewellery. I remember myself wearing something bright and shiny since childhood and even now I feel naked without jewellery. My addiction evolved into blog where you can find useful articles about latest jewellery trends and how to use them in your divine looks.