The Most Popular Types of Chains in Jewelry

When looking to purchase a necklace, it is very important to choose the right type of chain, depending if you wish to attach a pendant to it or simply wear as a statement chain, by itself. Typically those types of chains which are more delicate can be paired with a lovely pendant hanging from it, while the bolder and more impressive ones can be worn without a pendant. Jewellery chains are usually made from yellow/white gold, silver or platinum and require only minimum maintenance.

The reasons why the chains break include improper craftsmanship and wrongful handling by the owner ( accidentally hitting it /pulling at it, engaging into strenuous exercise while wearing it). A warranty is in order when you decide to purchase a jewellery chain. Below is a list of the most popular ten types of weaving chains.

The Most Popular Types of Chains in Jewelry

1. Box/Venetian/ Briolette chains – these are created from square, box-like links which are then connected in order to make up a rugged chain. This type pair perfectly either with a pendant or a charm dangling from it.

2. Anchor chains – these resemble the style which attaches anchors to a ship and consist of oval links featuring a dividing bar through the middle of the link. Other popular variations of this types include the maritime chain ( only every other link resembles an anchor) as well as the flat anchor chain, which is sleeker and can be worn by itself.

3. Cable chains – these are made up of oval or round links which are equally in size. Thanks to its simplicity, this style is very popular and most people choose it as the perfect choice for a chic necklace with a decorative charm or pendant.

4. Ball or bead chains – these consist of bead links which are fixed along them, either with a certain distance between the links or even strung to each other, with only a tiny space in-between. This type can be worn by itself, without a charm. They also come with their own fastening known as “snap over the first link” and they are also available in bigger steel versions.

5. Byzantine chains – these are made of intricate and complex group of links, including oval-shaped and round links that intermingle with each other. They are sometimes created using jump rings and because they are very detailed, they look perfect worn as they are and do not require the attachment of a pendant ( it simply would be too much).

6. Figaro chains – these chain style variations consist of typically three standard, flattened and shorter links preceding a much elongated link all through the chain. Because the links do not have a uniform size, they create a unique look and these chains can definitely be worn by themselves.

7. Wheat chains – they generally incorporate four very long, twisted and teardrop-shaped links pointing in the same direction. These links are then woven together for a spectacular, eye-catching effect and thus, they make these chains perfect to be worn by themselves, without a pendant or a decorative charm.

8. Rolo chains – these are made of round links which are then connected for an organic allure. They come in various designs as well as sizes and they are both flexible and very durable.

9. Snake/Brazilian chains – they consist of wavy metal plate, smooth-looking links with a square or round cross-section, which are then put together in order to form a very flexible chain. The name of this tight-linked chain comes from the fact that it resembles the skin of the snake and its links create a kind of zig-zag look.

10. Rope chains – these are made of oval small links which are joined to create a spiral effect and an interwoven rope-like look. This sturdy chain is one of the most popular and versatile type of weaving chains and it can be paired with a pendant or simply worn by itself. It is also preferred by men, thanks to its strength and it can be worn on a daily basis.

Other types of jewellery chains include curb chains (whose links interlock when laid flat), belcher chains ( a wide chain similar to the trace chain, with round links that differ in shape), panther chains ( a flat chain with domed links which alternate and they progressively space apart), herringbone chains ( with offer the greatest liquid look and they are made of v-shaped links that lay completely flat) and popcorn chains ( a very lightweight chain with round and smooth links, perfect for casual everyday wear)


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