Audrey Hepburn and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, Elizabeth Taylor and her most precious jewellery collection in the world sold at Christie’s, Marilyn Monroe and her best friends – diamonds from Harry Winston… The dream factory always shines with precious stones.

American brand Tiffany&Co has been a pioneer in jewellery product placement, so it is hard to compete with it. Besides there is no sense to do this. Fabulous art-deco pieces for a picturization of Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” became certain characters in the film, which projected unique jazz mood.


The special creation of Gatsby collection came very natural for Tiffany&Co. The vice president of the company John King told that Tiffany’s archives retain unique and second to none jewellery pieces of 1920. Beautiful Daisy Buchanan in marvelous platinum items from Tiffany&Co is worth watching the film.

Famous British costume director Jacqueline Durran said “No” to cheap jewellery and gems imitation in order to project chic atmosphere of Russian swell society of 19th century in a sensational “Anna Karenina” by Joe Wright. Keira Knightley playing the leading role fully warmed to the role of the nee princess Oblonsky who was accustomed to the luxury and precious stones. One of Anna’s idiosyncrasies is vanity, so she always had to shine, and classy jewellery fully projected this.


It is natural that Chanel brand was chosen to create accessory pieces for the film as Keira Knightley is spokesmodel in Coco Mademoiselle perfume commercial. The actress was hard to return to real life from the character of rich Russian noblewoman. She said – “You can get used very quickly to the abundance of diamonds, pearls and rubies. You wear the necklace worth 2 million and in few minutes began to paddle as if it is a simple chain.”


Chanel hasn’t grudged the most fabulous pieces, for example in episode when pregnant Anna meets her visitor Vronsky, her housedress is beautified with brooch worth 2, 5 million.

The film people adore fairy tales. Some time ago there were two different yet great films about Snow White.


The gothic film “Snow White and the Huntsman” with evil queen Charlize Theron and lovely princess Kristen Stewart was interesting not only with the opposition of two beauties but also with costumes and jewellery specially created by Cathy Waterman.


In more bright picturization of “Mirror, Mirror” by Grimm brothers Julia Roberts contends for beauty with Lilly Kolins in a luxurious Van Cleef & Arpels coronet. This unique and vintage tiara was made of gold and platinum and bejeweled with 144 diamonds.

As we can observe, Hollywood princess prefer high jewellery art and do things in a big way.



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