Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

Women s fascination with jewellery dates back to ancient times; in fact, jewellery is known to be the oldest archaeological artefact in history. Although some women believed that various jewellery items and specific gemstones in particular held miraculous powers ( on a physical as well as a spiritual level), there is no doubt that one of the major reasons for women s passion towards jewellery in general was its potential to exponentially embellish the wearer and thus to increase the attractiveness towards and captivation of the opposite sex.


Historically renowned for her sexual appeal and for being the greatest seductress of all time ( although some historians doubt her physical beauty), Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, one of the most famous female rulers in history, had a special affinity for imposing and extravagant pieces of jewellery ( from chunky pearl necklaces, to arm bracelets featuring Egyptian motifs and her captivating royal diadem). She reportedly indulged in wearing them in the public eye, in her extravagant banquets as well as in her mysterious and purposeful encounters with her famous Roman lovers including Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

Caesar considered Cleopatra a ”bold coquette”, as she was known for her ostentatious display of lavish and expensive necklaces and hair jewellery. The famous Queen of Egypt used to beautify and adorn herself with various pieces of jewellery ( combining yellow gold and precious gemstones) in order to appear in front of Caesar ( carried in a bedroll) in the most majestic and sumptuous manner. She was well aware of the auspicious impact of jewels on a potential romantic relationship with Caesar ( Cleopatra aimed at seducing him for political purposes).

True to her role, brilliantly portraying Cleopatra in the 1963 Hollywood mega-production with the same title, Dame Elizabeth Taylor adored jewellery and had a lifelong, unshakable passion for diamonds (a girl s best friend after all). The Hollywood legend, who is renowned for her eight marriages (twice to actor Richard Burton) had an impressive jewellery collection worth a whopping $150 million and which she personally documented in her famous 2002 book ”My Love Affair With Jewellery”. Richard Burton s understood Taylor s fascination with diamonds and he often showered his wife with diamond jewellery as gifts.

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

The famous Taylor-Burton Diamond was purchased in 1969 by Burton for Liz Taylor and this 69.42- carat pear-shaped diamond cut by Harry Winston is known as the first million-dollar diamond ever purchased at a public auction ( initially by Robert Kenmore, the owner of the luxury jewellery brand Cartier). The diamond was placed into a necklace, which Burton eventually purchased for $1,1 million. Another famous diamond in Taylor s jewellery collection and which she wore on a daily basis is the Krupp Diamond, again one of the multiple gifts from then-husband Richard Burton. This Asscher cut, 33-carat colorless diamond was worn by Liz as a ring and it was actually her favorite piece of jewellery. The Krupp Diamond was auctioned by Taylor s estate in 2011 for $8 million ( originally purchased by Burton for $305,000).

The Krupp Diamond

Undoubtedly men were and continue to be well aware of the significant influence on romantic relationships and this is why they often choose jewellery on special occasions ( birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas) as gifts for a special woman in their lives. You do not necessarily need to follow in Burton s footsteps ( unless your budget allows you this pleasure), but for additional ideas in terms of jewellery as a thoughtful and highly-appreciated present, check our post for ”Tips on Jewellery Items Which Make Perfect Gifts for Women”.

Keep in mind that your choice should first and foremost match her personality and temperament and secondly, it should follow the trends in designer jewellery, especially if your loved one is a true fashionista. You may want to consider choosing a specific birthstone ( according to her month of birth) for a spiritual impact on your love life, because birthstones have been known to carry a greater impact on the wearer. Yet of course, you absolutely cannot fail by purchasing a glamorous piece diamond jewellery for a woman who is not born in April ( diamond is the birthstone for April), especially as an engagement ring, which is guaranteed to be more than appreciated.

In our days, various jewellery items embody not necessarily the idea of affluence and high social status, but mostly an intrinsic part of exquisite style, seductiveness and glamour corroborated with an allure of refinement which inevitably captivate the heart of the opposite sex.


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