The best men’s watches for autumn

Autumn brings the desire to wear more flimsy clothes and brighter accessories, to act less seriously and to seek for unforgettable adventures, to sleep less and to travel more. While we, girls, try to express our style through jewellery, men prefer watches. Most of the men like strict and understated watches, but even they change their accessories into brighter and fresher items during autumn.

Today we present you watches which will perfectly play into men’s autumn lifestyle and wardrobe.

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For many years Casio has been a synonym of reliability. Their great G-Shock collection includes stylish watches which differ in colors, watchcases and wristlets. These extremely popular and steady watches definitely have become must-have for autumn season. Casio G-Shock endures the most extreme condition, like Arctic cold, submergence pressure and crump, and has many more interesting functions. These watches are ideal variant for active and sporty men.

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Wooden accessories become more and more popular; we can already see men in the streets wearing wooden glasses or wooden bow ties. Watches made from genuine wood are the hot trend of this season. It looks natural, unique and stylish, besides you can mix it with casual outfit as well as with office suit.

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And last but not the least, watches with bright colorful details, like face, wristlet or hands. The splendid mix of classical look and something bright makes it irreplaceable detail in man’s autumn outfit.

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What is your ideal watch for autumn? Definitely bright, stylish, water-resistant, shockproof, with barometer or maybe compass. Choose your favorites and wear it with pride, love and readiness for attention from fashionistas.



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