jewellery for the best friends

They say female friendship doesn’t exist! And I can’t but agree, because my BFF is more than just a friend, she is my sister. Our relationship is unique contact with mutual secrets and signs, with jokes, which only two of us can understand, with funny stories and sad disappointments. This connection lasts for years and pretends to be forever.

Choosing the present for your BFF is very complicated and demanding challenge as you want to find something special, unique and something the ace of aces. But sometimes you don’t want to wait till birthday or holiday and want to show your friend you love her and appreciate without any reason. Funny bright teenager friendship bracelets are left behind, so you better choose more chic ways, opting monogrammed scarves or accessories. But one of the best presents for BFF will be a friendship jewellery pieces. It is not expensive, yet chic and just screams ‘Friendship Forever’. You can choose one with standard phases like ‘Friends forever’ or ‘Best friends’, but you can also buy unique jewellery with quotes.

Here are my top jewellery pieces to present your BFF:

jewellery-for-the- best-friends-2 jewellery-for-the- best-friends-1

It is ideal for big companies of friends who like spending time with pizza and good film. Share this fabulous pizza with your besties, you can also accomplish it with zodiac, letter pendant or birthstone. And remember, pizza bonded friendship is not something that should be taken lightly!)

jewellery-for-the- best-friends-3 jewellery-for-the- best-friends-4

When you are living in different cities, it is complicated to spend as much time with your bestie as you would like to. But this awesome necklace will always remind you about your unique friendship. This beautiful piece has double pendant: one – with compass and another – with words ‘No matter where’. With such jewellery your friendship has to last forever no matter what and where.

jewellery-for-the- best-friends-5

This funny jewellery is perfect for fashionistas who adore film ‘Mean girls’. It can also be improved with another tiny pendant with engraved letter. Best bitches necklace will add individuality to any person, besides it will show that you are not like the common run of girls.

jewellery-for-the- best-friends-6 jewellery-for-the- best-friends-7

Your sister or BFF will be happy to receive such beautiful present which will add a splendid colorful hint to any summer outfit. Choose the same color or mismatching set and letter combination you would like to see on your bracelets and lordly give it to your friend just because she is the best. Such bracelets can also match your festival look. Be sure this is ideal and beautiful gift for every occasion that will be treasured by the lucky recipient



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