A wedding is always highly anticipated and looked forward to. The prevalence of weddings that happen in the summer, more specifically in the month of June, is something that has occurred for many, many years.

Summer Weddings and the Jewellery

One reason why people choose to marry in the summer is of course, the weather and the time. Not a lot of people would want to get married in the cold and wet weather of winter. Plus, it will be harder for people to invite friends and family who live far away because of travel difficulties during the holidays. It’s simply not practical. The weather in Spring gets better but it’s always windy in March and wet in April. But come June, the probability of the perfect wedding in sunny weather is very high. And people are more likely to travel in the summer season compared to any other season of the year, making it easier for them to come to you or to your destination wedding. Couples also have more choices, such as a beach or garden wedding. Summer, hands down, is indeed the best wedding season.

With the perfect weather, the perfect venue and the perfect wedding dress, a bride always have to complement them with the perfect bridal jewellery. Bridal jewellery trends today range from classic pearls and platinum to bohemian vintage pieces, modern yellow gold jewellery, and black diamonds for the edgier brides.

For classic brides, stud and drop earrings in pearl and clear diamonds are still a mainstay. Bohemian brides opt for layered vintage pieces, while modern brides go for colored gemstones to add a pop of color to their streamlined white dresses.

Statement pieces is a growing trend today, where brides are veering away from traditional diamonds to more bold and unique pieces that express their individuality. Traditional brides are also gearing towards more modern pieces with heirloom qualities that also have modern touches, like pink diamonds in platinum.

Whatever jewellery the bride chooses, two things should always be considered when choosing the perfect bridal jewellery – the individual’s personality, and of course, the dress.


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