With summer just around the corner and plenty of bare skin setting the mood for reverie, romance and daydreaming, our love for jewellery gradually begins to increase together with the rise in temperature. Needless to say that jewellery items are by far the most sought-after accessories during the hot season. The process of choosing the perfect personal adornments for you, this is not entirely a matter of personal taste and preferences, because summer jewellery trends for this year should also be taken into consideration.

Summer Jewellery

The style of jewellery items for the summer should reflect the primary characteristics of the hot season. Summer is often associated with holidays, that is with carefree vibe, a relaxing atmosphere and it is also the perfect time for romance, for travel, leisure and adventure, for fun-filled activities – for short, summer is perfect for limitless potential. All these should be mirrored in the jewellery items to choose to wear for a walk in the park, a stroll on the beach, a shopping session or an elegant evening out. This is why when it comes to picking the right jewellery items to be paired either with a lighter and flowing ensemble during the day or with a very chic and sophisticated evening gown in the evening, your imagination should run wild and free.

There are however two important things you need to consider when choosing your jewellery for this summer (that is, if you want to play by the rules) and they include chromatics and design. To be more specific, the essentials of summer jewellery for 2013 are bright, vibrant and vividly colored jewellery items, incorporating eye-popping gemstones and statement jewellery items, such as statement necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings. However, it is highly important to have fun with a selected jewellery item. Here are some jewellery tips and trends for the summer of 2013.

1. Although your imagination should be the designated driver on your pursuit of finding the perfect jewellery items for you, this summer, all roads lead to Emerald City.

Dark green or lighter green jewellery items are the stars of this summer trend in terms of jewellery and whether you choose the real emeralds or emerald-colored non-precious or semi-precious gemstones, you can honestly say that you are a true fashionista. Green is such a fresh, bright and happy-go-lucky hue which makes it perfect not only for a summer ensemble but for jewellery as well. Reminiscent of hiking through the green forest or carefree picnics in the company of family and friends, green-colored jewellery give us a sense of being alive and of infinite possibilities in life.

2. Your own type of personality should always be taken into consideration when selecting a summer jewellery item. If you are the romantic type for instance, you should not push the limits of your personality just for the sake of the trends and wear large, intricate statement necklaces which artificially and forcefully enhance your look. In this case, the best thing is to have a proper balance between your temperament and this year s trends. As an example, you can choose pastel-colored pieces of jewellery which represent a sophisticated and refined method to add color to any basic, neutral tones of a laid-back, conventional outfit during the day.

3. Think big this summer – statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings add a sparkling and color-filled, inspirational touch to any airy, warm-weather outfit with an over-sized bauble. This summer is definitely the best time to purchase yourself a new bauble and then show off. This summer jewellery trend and a bold, volcanic personality are a match made in heaven. Rough cut, raw gemstones are the best way to make a statement necklace, cuff bracelet or pair of earrings stand out. These precious or non-precious gems create a boho look, perfect for a summer music festival or a relaxing walk on the beach.

4. Combine timeless, designer pieces of jewellery with inexpensive costume jewellery for a well-rounded, polished and trendy look. For instance, famous stylists recommend mixing a vintage high-end designer watch and Cartier cuff bracelet with a cheap signet pinky ring for a balanced and stylish allure.

5. Rose gold and mixed precious metals, beacuse they provide a well-proportioned, balanced extravagant look with sunshine-like, warm tones which suit perfectly ant tanned skin.

6. Floral motives incorporated into simple or more intricate necklace, teardrop earring, ring or bracelet designs, which mirror perfectly the characteristics of the summer.

7. Highlights are essential this summer – electric, vibrant and bold colors enhance your summer casual outfit and also intensify a summer tan. For instance, choose neon to accent your jewellery pieces, whether that are chic earrings, cool bracelets or trendy rings.

8. Fruit-inspired pieces of jewellery are excellent for the summer and look delicious and very trendy.

9. Animal-inspired jewellery items, including snakes, chameleons, elephants, parrots, butterflies are perfect for this summer, especially for a bold personality, because they look very exotic and powerful.


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