The bohemian style is all about freedom in your thoughts, doings and the way your take the world. It is not only proper look, but it definitely completes all the bohemian style. But what makes the outfit look boho? Exotic prints, proper accessories, vivid colors? Today I will tell you the main style tips for men how to get the perfect boho wardrobe. Furthermore you can draw the inspiration from different eras – Beatniks 60’s, 70’s with its hippies, romantic 80’s or grungy 90’s.

Here are the most popular and safe ways how to make bohemian outfit without looking ridiculous.


Choose jackets in brown or dark creamy colors and better buy suede than leather. Don’t forget that it should perfectly fit you, as proper jacket is a piece which will serve you for ages. Furthermore it works well with almost every outfit.

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Leather sandals will make bohemian style outfit looks complete. Such shoes look especially stylish and cool with denim shorts and cargos. Besides, they are very comfortable in hot summer.

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Opt for denims in light colors of sky blue or light wash. Faded jeans or with frays in different places is perfect basis for relaxed boho look. The most chip way to get it is to watch DIY tutorial and transform your old pair of jeans into stylish piece at home.

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Floral patterns

You are bored with stripes and geometric prints? Try some leaves, flowers and palms and match them with khakis or denims. Such outfit will make you look cool and relaxed.

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Art details

To add art to your look is easier than you can think. Shirts, T-shirts and scarves with handmade messages, images, iconography, exotic prints, and original designs play important role in boho look.

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They need an extra attention as they will add edginess and make your outfit even cooler. Boho style look requires a lot of fashion accessories and jewellery, like leather or beaded bracelets, handmade and tribal jewellery, beaded necklaces, vivid and colorful items, gold, leather chains, original pendants, wooden accessories, stud earrings, rings, headbands and hats, bright fabric belts, splendid sunglasses, extravagant scarves and bags. Choose bright or neutral hues as consistent with your mood as boho style allows of different colors.

Take a glance at this fabulous tribal bracelet made of wood; it seems that it was designed as a perfect match for your bohemian wardrobe. You can wear delicate pieces as well as statement items, or even make a stylish layering with two or even five bracelets in different sizes and styles. But if you are in doubt which pieces or colors to choose, opts for single but multi-layered jewellery item. One of such stylish things you can buy here.

Layering will also look well on your neck. Delicate chains with multiple edgy pendants are designed to be worn with V-necked t-shirts; they will make you feel relaxed and stylish. Chose pendants with floral motives, arrows or feathers. Check this layered necklace, it has all what boho style requires.

Beaded jewellery shouldn’t be just in brown hues, wear bright colors with light summer outfits or try elegant, yet edgy black beaded necklace to add a little masculine gravity to the outfit. If you are looking for such one, you can buy it here.

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Careless chic

Dress as if you don’t care as boho style allows freedom. Unironed shirt or shorts, unshaven face, disheveled hair, sock which don’t match, all these will work. Avoid looks of too polished nerd.

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Old one is new one

You can always go to flea markets or vintage stores, where people often find unexpected fashion treasures. It is cheap yet looks chic, besides such places are ideal sources to find perfect elements for bohemian look.

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The most important

Remember bohemian style is all about careless and freedom. So use your creativity and wear whatever you like. Stay relaxed and feel stylish!

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Fashion is totally my cup of tea, especially jewellery. I remember myself wearing something bright and shiny since childhood and even now I feel naked without jewellery. My addiction evolved into blog where you can find useful articles about latest jewellery trends and how to use them in your divine looks.