The most magical time of the year is about to start when the sun comes out, the night becomes shorter, the clothes lighter and the music plays not only in our souls, but also at festivals. Nowadays summer music festivals became not only celebration of sound, but also a catwalk for fashionistas and celebrities. Such festivals as Coachella is a trendsetter in music and fashion, as your look may be seen as a fashion pick for the rest of the year. This is the reason why fashionistas are making every possible effort to achieve this festival effortlessly chic and divine outfit. Every detail should create the mood of relaxation.

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According to the celebrities style at such popular festivals as Coachella, Glastonbury and lsle of Wight I can distinguish such clothes must-have:

  • Denim cut offs
  • Kimono in boho style
  • Little white dress
  • Light maxi dress
  • Fringe accessories
  • Stylish boots
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If to talk about styles, all music and fashion lovers keep such as tribal, boho and beach cultures.

Jewellery is the must-have accessory in every festival look, it helps you to distinguish from the crowd and show your unique sense of style.

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Choose pieces which don’t hamper movements yet look fabulous and can easily make a statement, as you are going to dance and move all day-n-night long and stay beautiful and divine.

It seems that statement necklaces are perfect festival jewellery to mix with summer plain outfit. But dancing and hanging out all day and night long in heavy statement piece might be uncomfortable and irritating. So leave your Dylanlex jewellery at home and make stylish layering with splendid colorful beads with lovely pendants in boho style. To create a super divine festival look start layering from the hottest trend of the year – choker. And match this vivid explosion of jewellery with plenty of bracelets in different styles. Festival fashion allows wearing the most different styles – match cuffs with braided leather and gold chains, and friendship bracelets. Add few delicate rings and midi rings and your outfit is ready. Hamsa jewellery is also very popular among music lovers.

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Trendy alternative to necklaces and bracelets are body chains and flesh tattoos. Seductive body jewellery is light enough to feel comfortable while dancing and jumping. Besides it will underline your sexy body shapes.

Headbands are definitely number one must-have at festivals. Flowers in your head can make your entire outfit and won’t leave you unnoticed among stylish people. Headbands in tribal and boho style perfectly project the relaxing festival spirit. Choose the one with tribal pattern, bright flowers or gold braids.

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The most important things you must remember while getting ready for summer festival are the next:

  • The jewellery should be bright and statement yet functional
  • The outfit should be bohemian-hippie and comfortable
  • The mood and everything else should be relaxing and ready to enjoy the festival atmosphere.
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Fashion is totally my cup of tea, especially jewellery. I remember myself wearing something bright and shiny since childhood and even now I feel naked without jewellery. My addiction evolved into blog where you can find useful articles about latest jewellery trends and how to use them in your divine looks.