Punk style was created to give an opportunity for youths to provoke, stand out and to resist the standards through style. Rock fashion has been always associated with British young generation, so it is not surprising that punk jewellery in London streets is of common occurrence.

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Fabulous Cara Delevingne is a princess of punk; her outstanding brave looks with leather trousers and jackets, smoky eyes and massive harsh accessories can be a guide how to integrate coarse rock style into wardrobe and stay chic.

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Punk rock jewellery is very brutal and at the same time glamorous way to make a fashion statement and express yourself. Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen are few in the long list of famous punk style jewellery and outfits adherents. While earlier in the 70s’ rock outfits looked rough and edgy, nowadays designers and stylists propose to add a hit of swank and wear glam punk jewellery with shiny Cubic Zirconia  or fancy gems.

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I felt in love with extravagant Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen skeleton jewellery and Valentino leather statement bracelets with goldtone studs and of course fabulous Dylanlex necklaces. But nowadays fashion market propose us a huge variety of items to satisfy every fashionista’s taste and budget, so you can find the same beautiful pieces but less expensive. The price can be lower due to unpopular brand or Swarovski Zirconia used instead of luxurious diamonds.

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Almost all jewellery pieces in this style are created to make a fashion statement. Take a closer look at edgy ear cuffs, chunky gold layered chains, massive skeleton rings and punk body jewellery, which will make you a rock diva at any party.Few stud bracelets made of leather and gold will dilute your casual outfit and will add a brutal touch to your girlish look; for more splendid effect mix it with the right watch.

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Get your inspiration from such celebrities as Miley Cyrus, Taylor Momsen and Kelly Osbourne. Punk accessories are the perfect cross between edginess and chic, brutal and classy, expressing your unique style and following fashion trends.

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