Porcelain is a kind of ceramics that was always associated with tenderness, aristocratism, serenity and delicacy. For the first time ever it appeared in China far back in 620 years. Since that time, the manufacturing of this ceramics was kept under wraps from the entire world and only in 1708 the Saxonic experimentalists managed to get European porcelain.  English jewelers began to use porcelain for decoration after World War II, in order to revive spirits in hard times.

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Nowadays we can observe more and more elegant ladies on London streets, beautifying their body with this tender and noble white ceramics. Petite porcelain jewellery was made for those vogue lovers, who give the preference over elegant effeminacy instead of making brave fashion experiment. Honestly speaking not every fashionista presumes to try on Rock ‘n’ Roll Jewllery.


Tender By Luomi

We discovered beautiful French brand “By Luomi”, which manufactures splendid handmade jewellery using light porcelain decoration. You can find in their collection luxurious earrings of different forms, which are easy to wear and mix with almost every item in your wardrobe. White porcelain and gold make a magically perfect mix. Shiny gold adds aristocratic nobility to the jewellery, while white delicate porcelain adds purity and clarity. These elegant earrings will be appropriate with your casual everyday look as well as magnificent evening gown and make your look very effeminate.

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“By Luomi” also propose hot trend of the season – geometric jewellery – delicate necklaces, with porcelain elements in form of lozenges, triangles, squares and ellipses. Wear it with plain t-shirt or luxurious dress; in both variants you will catch enthusiastic glares. Porcelain jewelry will perfectly underline the pure aristocratism of ladylike fashion-mongers and help to distinguish you without being too showy.

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