Backwards necklaces

All new one is forgotten old one. Fashion goes in circles; old trends are often upgraded and introduced at new level. So meet old accessory which is gaining its popularity again – open back necklace or backwards or reverse necklace. So easy and genius! It doesn’t require a lot o efforts and money. All you need is long chain necklace and backless dress.

Who was the first?

Backwards necklaces were spotted long time ago. Remember Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ movie, standing in front of Tiffany’s window and admiring fancy jewellery pieces, while drinking coffee with croissant? I guess it’s one the most popular images from this movie. But that’s another story. Remember her outfit? Fabulous long black gown, long gloves, fancy tiny tiara and … yes, luxurious pearl backward choker. So easy and chic! She is a master of outfits, which look effortlessly classy.

Backwards necklaces 1 Backwards necklaces 2

Then Princess Diana was spotted in 1985 wearing long pearl necklace with the knot on her back and stunning burgundy velvet Catherine Walker dress.

Then was Nicole Kidman in Chanel No.5 advertising campaign in 2007, wearing backless black gown and delicate reverse chain necklace with lovely ‘No.5’ pendant.

Then were Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Lawrence and trendy jewellery rush has been started.

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How to wear backwards necklace

For sure, open back necklace chain is not casual jewellery piece, which is suitable for everyday wear. It fits more a special event, where you can wear a fancy gown or cocktail dress. Such accessory could be a perfect match to a bouffant skirt and cashmere sweater with low V neckline on the back. The structure of cashmere will underline the tenderness of the jewellery, and bouffant skirt will add airiness to your look. Such outfit will make you feel seductive and sexy on the romantic date.

Brides who are striving for elegant, yet contemporary bridal look, should also try wearing reverse necklace which matches the engagement ring and other wedding jewellery. A bit of style will make a statement effect. Try to use it.

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If you are looking for more dramatic effect, don’t stop at one piece. This chain will be a good choice. Make a stylish layering on your back; wear three or more delicate chains different in length. Draw an inspiration at Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter collection 2012-13, Ilana Ariel’s lookbook and street style fashion divas.

Important tips

  • Keep your hair up, letting the jewellery be noticed
  • Choose necklace which doesn’t have clasp or has decorative clasp
  • Keep the rest of your jewellery simple (wear tiny ear studs or delicate rings)
  • Remember to look over your shoulder and wear smile
Backwards necklaces 7 Backwards necklaces 7



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