A lot of modern women make a career spending most of the day in office. The classic office dress-code means dull colors and strict business suits. But women are the kind of creatures who desire to look stunning in any real-life situation, and here jewellery comes to the aid. Tasteful accessories can easily add feminine hints to the most formal office look.

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But how to wear jewellery at work and avoid looking ridiculous and inappropriate? What items plays into dress code? Today I’ll let in on a secret how to look stylish wearing jewellery at work.

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If you have compliant boss, you are probably able to bend a little dress-code rules and afford a bit wider range of jewellery for office. But what is the way to beautify yourself in very formal working place?

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In such case you better choose small pieces as your aim is to embellish but not to adorn the outfit. The perfect option is to wear few minimalistic items, as stud earrings, ring, watch and bracelets or to choose one massive accessory, like layered necklace, cuff bracelet or statement ring.

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Jewellery dress code allows wearing bracelets at office, but you should keep in mind few rules:

  • You can wear only one bracelet
  • You can wear it only on right hand
  • Keep your clinking bracelets for parties.
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Be careful not to overdo with too many different pieces. If you are in doubt, choose classics. Diamond or pearl studs are perfect jewellery for work. They will add elegant and classy hints to formal suit.

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Do not forget about watch! This practical and stylish accessory doesn’t need to be expensive, just find the right watch which will demonstrate your unique style and punctuality.

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Keep the balance. But don’t let your jewellery shine brighter than your professional traits. I will give you few ideas you can try on for working which will definitely play into very formal dress code.

  • Statement ring. There exists huge variety of splendid items which look elegant but not eye-catching.
  • Layered rings. They are usually delicate and look graceful if to wear few at once.
  • Statement earrings. If you feel comfortable and don’t make too much noise while answering the phone, such accessory is appropriate.
  • Necklace with simple pendant. It always appropriate, as it doesn’t make a statement, but embellish your look.
  • Brooches. Elegant pin is perfect way to beautify your cardigan or blazer. But leave trendy massive brooches for your off days.
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Choosing jewellery set for office, you should follow the rule of three items: a woman is allowed to accomplish the office suit only with three jewellery pieces. And remember that selected jewellery should not interfere with the work and promote increased focus on.



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