With the current popularity of using quartz crystals in jewellery world I just could’t come by this topic. Crystals have extremely powerful energy and contain the life force vibration. They are known and widely used for the healing capability. For many years helping to buoy up the mood and self-esteem, to overcome the stress, this stone has become hot jewellery trend and object of desire for many fashionistas.

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FriedaSophie and LaLaYeah are those jewellery brands who widely use fabulous crystals and other unique mineral stones in necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. Some time ago I have totally felt in love with beautiful clear quartz crystal rings. These magical, smoky, elegant, sophisticated and sparkling jewellery items enslaved my heart and sank into it.

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I adore these fabulous rings with smoky grey and black crystals which magically underline the gloss of silver and gold metals. One item is enough for making fashion statement in daytime, while the mix of two and more rings is ideal variant to make a huge fashion statement at night. You can order via Etsy.

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So simple and lovely this natural quartz crystal ring will add extravagant and stylish hint to any outfit. The strong form of the mineral elegantly embraced with tiny silver threads demonstrates the purity and magnificence of the stone, take a closer.

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These unique minerals can be offered in wide fabulous palette – from clear white to smoky grey, and for romantic jewellery lovers I propose to try on tender rose quartz crystal ring. This luxurious pink stone shines with magical tiny sparkles when it catches the light. Need more information and huge assortment of rose quartz crystal rings  which assure a protection and divine look? Visit etsy.

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Druzy crystals in pastel colors will profitably underline the smoothness and gloss of the metal and the tenderness of female hands. Don’t miss a chance to buy this ring at a good price on Etsy.

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Quartz crystal jewellery is enough bold to make a statement with one piece and at the same time enough graceful to play with, mix and layer.



Fashion is totally my cup of tea, especially jewellery. I remember myself wearing something bright and shiny since childhood and even now I feel naked without jewellery. My addiction evolved into blog where you can find useful articles about latest jewellery trends and how to use them in your divine looks.