Forget about Batman, Robin, Spiderman and others. I got my own superhero, as well as all of you, it is a father! He is even cooler than any Batman, he has all the same superpower, but he loves me more than anything in the world and always tries to make me happy.

Jewellery Blog doesn’t stop to admire the best men in the world – fathers! And every day our admiration becomes stronger. Congratulations to our stylish fathers from all stylish girls!

Father’s Day is one more chance to remind your dad how much you love him. Thinking about perfect gift I opt for accessories, or rather jewellery. It is stylish, contemporary and you can always choose jewellery with quotes. It is even more unique as you can engrave a secret message the meaning of which only you two know.

Here are my top three ideal presents for father:

If your dad prefers classic yet modern style, buy this elegant leather cuff. It truly represents a real man – severe from outside but very soft inside. You can find a lovely personalized message hidden inside, which will always be a memento of your love.

il_570xN.981682068_n506 My-dad-is-my-superhero-11

If you have stylish father who wants always stay young and trendy, look closer at this fantastic necklace with cooper pendant. Beautiful and meaningful engraving makes the necklace more special and worth wearing close to heart.

My-dad-is-my-superhero-22 My-dad-is-my-superhero-2

And for fathers who wear rings order this silver ring with engraving of simple yet the most important words. You can have engraving hidden inside or outside for everyone to see.




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