Jewellery items are parts of the outfit, just like clothes, though some of them don’t make a striking difference. However, a person who likes to be the centre of attention should go for bigger and shinier jewelleries as they don’t only catch the eye but they also emphasize the overall outfit.


Chains are not only for rock and punk chicks, but for classy girls as well. The Multi Layer Body Chain  is the perfect example in this matter. It is a great accessory, regardless of your style as it is so versatile that it is suitable for various occasions. The shiny gold-tone finish is a great match for basically any colour, especially intense ones. One of the best facts about this chain is that it is easily adjustable, so you can set the length as it is more appropriate for the outfit. The chains are draped in the front and tiered at the shoulders, which makes this multi layer body chain comfortable and prevents it from bothering you during the day. The choker is also layered, which gives this jewellery item an even more luxurious appearance.

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The body chain is made entirely of base metal, yet it features coating made of rhodium, a very rare and precious metal. This mirror-like coating makes the item highly resistant to corrosion. Also, the rhodium makes the base metal look so much better, brighter and the whole body chain looks bigger and more dazzling. It gives you the look of a queen at a fraction of the price that a chain made only of precious metal would have. It works like a charm with off-shoulder clothes as it looks great on bare skin, but it can be worn on top of clothing as well.

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However, the Body Chain is more than a beautiful jewellery item. It also has very practical purposes as it works well on very different kinds of outfits. You can wear it with a tank top and jeans, a chic dress, a sleeveless blouse and a skirt or everything in between. It is perfect when you dress to impress, whether you go partying in a club, dining in a restaurant or you have to attend any other event. It allows you to look like a star without putting in too much effort. This multi layer chain is fancy, bold and it will never fail to be remembered.

Multi Layer Body Chain

£32.70 via Etsy



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