Often referred to as cluster rings or dinner rings, cocktail rings generally designate oversized and extravagant ladies ring which feature a large, vividly colored center gemstone surrounded by a number of various small-sized, glimmering stones such as cubic zirconia or even tiny diamonds. As a general rule, the larger the gemstone ( either precious, semi-precious or non-precious) the better – the purpose of this distinctive type of jewellery is to create a truly dramatic look and to make a lasting impression, thanks to its eye-catching, dazzling effect.


Their sparkling and opulent appeal makes them perfect for any woman looking to make a bold statement while staying within budget and this is why they are the most common type of fashion jewellery rings. Today, these exquisite and glamorous rings make a stylish, trendy addition to any little black dress or elegant evening dress worn on special occasions and they are definitely the accessory of choice in terms of both cost-effectiveness and visual effects. Unwittingly, large precious gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds and sapphires create a blatantly spectacular look and they are preferred by A-list celebrities who choose to wear them at formal dinner or cocktail parties, movie premieres, prestigious galas or annual award shows including the Emmys or the Oscars.

Set of three beautiful 18k yellow gold cocktail rings - high res

A little bit of history about Cocktail Rings…

The cocktail ring emerged in the fashion and jewellery industry during the Prohibition period, which occurred in the US between 1920 and 1933, but it gained unparalleled popularity during the 1940s and 1950s, when women chose to flaunt it at various events such as extravagant cocktail parties. Drawing its name from the famous alcoholic mixed drink which was extremely popular among American women in the first half of the 20th century, this type of jewellery was seen as a form of rebellion against the US laws that considered illegal the manufacturing, selling, transport and consumption of alcohol.

Thus, the resourceful women in the US chose to break the law in style, by wearing these oversized, brilliant pieces of jewellery featuring extremely large and expensive precious gemstones in order to effectively distract the attention from the banned cocktails ( such as the famous âMoonshineâ) held in their hands. These magnificent cocktail rings were the perfect alibi for those women attending special events and drinking cocktails illegally. When alcohol became legal again, the popularity of these jewellery items slowly started to decrease, but to this day, they are still worn by women of all ages, regardless of their social status, looking to stand out from a crowd at various fancy cocktail or dinner parties.

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While the early cocktail ring incorporated a colossal sized precious gemstone such as an expensive diamond or a less expensive blue or yellow topaz, amethyst, garnet or peridot, nowadays these are mostly replaced by faux gemstones, which are nonetheless equally eye-catching and spectacular-looking and at the same time they are affordable for every pocket. Depending on the quality, type and size of the gemstone, you can choose to purchase a loose gemstone and have it incorporated into the chosen setting, for a truly unique, flamboyant and personalized cocktail ring. In case you consider buying a loose colored gemstone, it is important that you choose one weighing at least three carats and preferably more than five carats, in order to really help you make a statement and have all eyes on you.

In addition to the eye-popping, dazzling effect, a cocktail ring can be worn without additional jewellery items such as intricate necklaces, bracelets or other rings. Thus, it may be a good idea to invest in a top-quality, elegant designer jewellery ring or a chic vintage ring from the art deco era ( even with rhinestones ) and save valuable money that you would have to spend on other pieces of jewellery for creating a dramatic look on a special occasion.

This type of ring can be worn on any finger, except the ring finger on your left hand. Most women often choose to wear it on the ring finger of their right hand or on the index finger of either hand. The history of these ostentatious and glamorous rings is strongly connected to women s rights and emancipation, helping them assert their own independence and equality in society. As opposed to engagement rings, these extravagant pieces of jewellery continue to be purchased by the women themselves in order to reflect their unique personality, character and fashion style – large, glittering, fancy showstoppers indeed for any fashionista aiming at making a bold statement about herself!

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