The art of jewellery is granted to the present mankind with ancestries of ancient Egypt. Ancient jewelries were distinguished from the modern ones by magic spirit endowed to them. Especially, being in charge of grief, malefice and physical attacks protection.

Magical effect of gold jewelry

Currently jewellery retained magic function, although people do not feel so evidently the power of jewels associated with nature and assisting us, because we do not have enough of knowledge since the experienced artisans are looking forward to conceal the knowledge from the crowd. Precious jewelry is not just jewelry itself; it’s the ray of sacred light guiding its owner to the right path of life situations.
Magical effect of gold jewelry

In the Old Kingdom before Cleopatra’s period and later jewelry has scratched illimitable wealth which is impossible to classify. But it should be noted that there’s lack of contradiction or mismatch in the stored knowledge of the art of jewellery. They bring through millennia (precise official data are not available) magic and religious power that does the perfect job at some point while being worn on certain body parts.
Magical effect of gold jewelry


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