Celebrities are people we admire, succeed and copy their style. Today I will tell you about bracelets which fashionistas like to wear in everyday life and for special events.

Bracelets are the kind of accessory which can make the entire outfit or just to add elegant hint to the look. This is the best way to express style and unique personality without being too revealing. Tiny bracelets are appropriate for office or college, but if you keep your outfit neutral and don’t want to stay unnoticed, choose bright massive statement bracelets. But make sure your jewellery correspond the occasion and style.

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Don’t neglect wearing bracelets, as they can easily add edgy finishing touch to your outfit. Here some pieces I adore and recommend you to pay attention on while creating your celebrity look.

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ASOS Double Bar Cuff Bracelet  the minimal design and elegant lines make this bracelet ideal accessory for office. Simple, yet beautiful it can also perfectly complete fabulous evening gown. Draw your inspiration in Angelina Jolie’s fashion looks.

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Eyland Charlotte Bracelet who doesn’t know The Kardashians and their style? If you are a big fan of Kim’s style this lovely hamsa bracelet will help you attract good karma and sense of style into your life.

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Pilgrim Silver Plated Ladder Bracelet  is the kind of bracelet which is the most admirable by celebrities – from elegant Kate Middleton to outrageous Katy Perry. Katy mixed tiny bracelet with other jewellery, such as statement ring and fabulous pair of earrings, which furnish her a look of Hollywood diva.

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ASOS Open Bar Bangle Bracelet Pack such kind of bracelets are number one in Emma Watson jewellery preferences. It is bold and bright enough to make a fashion statement, besides it comes with almost every style. As for me, it is perfectly matches jeans, plain t-shirt and classy pair of high heels.

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ALDO Soawn Multipack Bracelets bright and shiny, this jewellery piece is ideal match for light summer dress. Mix it with other statement bracelets for splendid effect. Take a look at Zendaya Coleman for inspiration.

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New Look Cut Out Chunky Cuff Bracelet if you want to achieve stunning effect, choose these chunky cuff bracelets. Open ended design and shiny metal will add glam to any outfit.

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ASOS Open Stone Bar Cuff Bracelet this bracelet reminds Dior jewellery collection with open ends. The same fabulous but much more affordable, it will add an extra edginess to your look. Take a glance at Rihanna’s fabulous style, who knows how perfectly accomplish any outfit with beautiful bracelets.

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Fashion is totally my cup of tea, especially jewellery. I remember myself wearing something bright and shiny since childhood and even now I feel naked without jewellery. My addiction evolved into blog where you can find useful articles about latest jewellery trends and how to use them in your divine looks.