Jewellery Week London 2013 is a 10-day long jewellery extravaganza which will take place between June 7th and June 16th, 2013 in the world s fashion capital. Jewellery Week is an annual event held in London and it gathers jewellery aficionados as well as famous jewellery manufacturers from all over the UK.

Jewellery Week 2013

This year s celebration of British glitz and glamour marks the sixth year of Jewellery Week and welcomes some of the most renowned and successful names in both the fashion jewellery and designer jewellery industry. This extremely popular event in London is open to anyone who is interested in these luxurious adornments. A total of 200 jewellery designers and suppliers have officially announced their presence at Jewellery Week London this year. Here are a few of the household names who will take part in this sparkling, glamorous and highly inspirational event hosted each year in the capital of the UK.

– Anderson Jewellery, AiJade Jewellery, Abby Mosseri, Alexander Davis -JewelStreet, Amber Fever, Alfred Terry, Alan Ardiff, Ariane Rocher, Atelier Michael Berger, C W Sellors, Carat London, BrazeLights, Bill Skinner Studio, Beth Gilmour;

– Catherine Budd-JewelStreet, Cara Tonkin, Creation CF, Colibri, Cockpit Arts, Chavin Jewellery, Bonnie Bling, Daisy Jewellery, Ebba Goring, Erica Sharpe, Elsa, Expression Jewellery, EVJ, Fei Liu, GIA, Grace Du Prez, Elizabeth Everett;

– Elizabeth Raine LTD, Helena Malone Goldsmith, iKuria, Holts Academy, International Gemological Institute, Isabelle Rowe, JAQC Jewellery, Jane Adam, JeDeCo, Jon Dibben, Jessica De Lotz, Ivan Dvorak, Irena Varey, Hayley Gerry;

– JuditB, Katrina Alexander, Kastur Jewels, Kaoru, Kirsten Goss, La Perle Blanche, Lalique, Laetitia Vere, Kasun London, Lauren Elizabeth, Lion Studio, Lorenz Gravuren, Liz Tyler, Lestie Lee, Lucy Q, Majdan Rocks, Maree London, Mara;

– Michelle Oh, Mia Chicco, Me Me Me, Malcolm Morris, Marina Skia, Nogagold, Peculiar Vintage, Parure Paris, Quo Vadis, Rosie Sanders, Smith Grey, Tapuz, Tomasz Donocik, Tenali, Vittorio Ceccoli, Zarafa Designs and Wings of London.

Reserved entirely to these luxury, chic and elegant accessories, the much-awaited event Jewellery Week London includes exclusive jewellery collection launches, showcases and exhibitions, open days dedicated solely to these glittering adornments, workshops and seminars for jewellery enthusiasts who are interested in this industry, pop up shops, jewellery sales and charity as well as private views and receptions.

The most popular exhibitions and showcases , which have already become flagship events on this luxurious jewellery extravaganza are The Jewellery Show London and The Watch Salon London, Essence, Treasure, Glorious Greenwich and Jewel East.

1. The Jewellery Show London and The Watch Salon London are trade-only exclusive events which will take place for two whole days, on June 11th and June 12th at the Somerset House, an iconic cultural and arts centre located on the Strand, in the heart of London. Somerset House also hosts the annual London Fashion Week. Both events will showcase 100 of the most influential and inspirational designer watch and jewellery brands across the UK. The designer watch brands include household names such as BQ Watches, Daniel Wellington, David Mason London, Seiko UK Ltd and Torgoen Swiss. Jewellery lovers have the opportunity to purchase cutting-edge items which are part of the Christmas 2013 as well as Spring/Summer 2014 avantgarde jewellery and watch collections.

2. Treasure is another flagship exhibition which hosts the most vibrant, elegant and beautifully crafted contemporary jewellery collections from leading designers and brands in the UK. Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase unique pieces of visionary jewellery starting Thursday, June 13th 2013, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. London time. This popular event which will also take place at Somerset House continues on Friday, June 14th from 10 a.m to 8 p.m, then on Saturday, June 15th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m and also on Sunday, June 16th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. This major event also features bespoke commissioning and selected collection launches in a carefully organized setting.

3. Jewel East is a free of charge event and it will be the first of the Jewellery Week London extravaganza. Jewel East will start Friday, June 7th and it will end on Sunday, June 9th. Also known as the “discovery area” of the main event, Jewel East features avantgarde jewellery designers from the UK and various interactive workshops and seminars presented by famous jewellery schools based in London. Jewellery aficionados will have the chance to observe a large selection of jewellery collections, to get informed on the latest trends as well as to purchase and commission to their heart s desire unique, eye-catching and luxury pieces of costume and vintage jewellery. This event also represents an excellent platform for jewellery designers looking to find buyers for their artwork. The location of this 3-day long event will be the Old Spitalfields Market in London.

4. Glorious Greenwich is another popular and free event of the Jewellery Week London and it will take place from June 7th until June 16th at various venues across Greenwich. Visitors are welcome to follow a glimmering and enchanting Treasure Trail through Greenwich and have the chance to win incredible prizes if they solve the clues
along the trail. On June 15th, more than thirty independent jewellery designers will display their latest collections. There will also be held a pop up shop competition, sponsored for the second year by Greenwich Hospital, for new jewellery designers looking to experience first-hand the retail industry. The three winners of “A Gem of a Pop Up Shop” will be given the chance to host a shop in Greenwich and to benefit from full membership of Jewellery Week London for one year. Kids can also take part at this event and showcase their jewellery designs for various prizes.

5. Essence represents the ethical jewellery pavilion located at the heart of Treasure and it showcases authentic creations from sustainable and ethical jewellers across the UK. This event has been held for the last three years.

For more information please visit www.jewelleryweek.com


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