Jewellery fashion trends in 2013 for autumn have been exciting fashionistas as the latest trends, colors and shapes hit the catwalk. Chunky is in, bold designs and plenty worn at once. A myriad of chunky bracelets worn on a single wrist, chandelier earrings and other large pieces stole the show. Some quirky takes even displayed ornate large chunky earrings worn with a woollen hat. Jewellery has taken center stage as a fashion accessory and is hailing in the change of season with renewed vigor.

Jewellery Fashion Trends for Autumn 2013

Quirky broaches shaped like bugs complete with wings adorned the straps of gowns. Chokers in heavy chains with huge words dangling from them circled elegant necks according to Vogue one of the top Fashion Magazines for trend focus. The colours were definitely autumn inspired, burned orange, soft fire, moss greens and wood. Shapes varied from elegant, but overdone to chunky and geometric.

Some of the older rules of chunky jewellery have fallen away. A plain top worn with an elaborate necklace used to be the way to go, now the pieces are worn with pattern and plaid. Pewter, gold, silver and multicolored stone has made a comeback, mimicking early Autumn. Some of the metals are smooth others are beaten and rustic. Warmth metals and warm stones like tigers eye, or even silver and blues. St. Lauren played around with ideas such as ‘biker chick’. Leather jackets, leather mini and biker boots teamed up with feminine bracelets dangling with feather attachments chains and other gorgeous new additions even ribbon. Adding that little element of surprise.

If you cannot afford the designer collection you can still get the look as stores will be filling up with the Autumn inspired Parisian fashion show collections. These pieces are obviously much more affordable for the regular person out there. Keep the tones warm, amber stones, mixed with peach ribbon and shot through with black and silver. Clear glass chandelier earrings with black detail and feathers are still very now. Most earrings sweep to the shoulders to give you an idea of how big autumn jewellery is going this year. Layering is the key. Don’t be afraid to add more than two or even up five necklaces at once.

Jewellery is an inexpensive way to completely change your wardrobe plus stay in fashion for the season. Forget about the less is more adage and throw it on, but keep it colour coordinated. Mix pieces that have something in common for example silver with silver or wood with wood. Choker style necklaces in large shapes look gorgeous as the season changes to a cooler temperature creating a metal scarf of sorts. Mix ideas too, with beanies and chandelier earrings, elegant pieces with hard rock chick looks, but focus on one area at a time. Meaning focus on the neck area or wrist. Some can break all the rules and still make it work. It all depends on your own personal flair, but with so many fashion editorials out there you can pretty much buy anything and work out how to mix it up effectively.
Autumn has really inspired people to start buying chunky and daring jewellery and it is a refreshing change to have the focus on such gorgeous accessories.

10 most trendy colors of autumn 2013

Koi Gemstone Ring


Deep Lichen Green Gemstone Ring

Deep Lichen Green

Vivacious Gemstone Ring


Turbulence Bracelet


Carafe Pendant


Emerald Gemstone Ring


Mykones Blue Gemstone Ring

Mykones Blue

Linden Green Earrings

Linden Green

Acai Earrings


Samba Cufflinks


For dessert, Jewellery fashion trends in 2013 video:
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    Those burnt orange and green amber tones are certainly in this fall! It’s also a great time to get the most out of the color of the year, Emerald. Lovely selection you’ve shown, and we will certainly stay up to date with the fall jewelry trends! xx