Buying a jewellery piece as a present for someone special seems to be one of the hardest tasks to tackle. If you are a man and are looking for perfect present for your girlfriend, this post is right for you. The worldwide fact is that diamonds are girls’ best friends, but if the shape or color will be wrong? So today I will tell how to buy jewellery for your girlfriend or a special person.

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No doubt, diamonds are forever, but they are also very special stones. So leave such present for special occasion and use your imagination. Some girls prefer other precious stones instead of diamonds as they think brilliants are old-fashioned or too expensive for everyday wear. Jewellery world proposes us a huge variety of beautiful stones as precious as diamonds but less expensive. Take a look at Top 7 Gemstones for Autumn/Winter 2015 or choose a birthstone of your beloved one. But what to do if your birthstone is not your favorite at all? One more piece of advice for men – buy an item with gem that matches eyes. Such present will make you the most lovely and romantic boyfriend ever.

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Bracelets and rings are ideal jewellery for leaving a secret message. Inside the item you can engrave initials or date of anniversary. A good idea is also to engrave romantic proverb in Latin, like Amor Vincit Omnia, Ab Imo Pectore etc. or joke or phrase that only you two know.

If you are buying gift for someone, but are not sure about preference, pay attention on the recipient’s style and way to dress. Ultramodern pieces will be the best present for stylish fashionista who follows all fashion trends, while ladies with classic and conservative taste will prefer pearls instead of bright ruby. Read my earlier post to discover what jewellery love girls with minimal style

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The ring is appropriate present for engagement and if the occasion is birthday, graduation or anniversary, your ring can be conceived in a wrong way. Nevertheless if you decided to cast your lot with beloved one and are looking for perfect engagement ring, don’t forget to discover the engagement ring trends for 2015.

If you are looking for some timeless and classic jewellery for your girlfriend, choose classy pendant or elegant necklace. It will bring the same pleasure and gloss as a ring, but without concealed implication.

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If you want jewellery, buy it! The time has passed when women were waiting for their admirers to buy a fabulous ring or diamond earrings. Modern ladies live here and now and if they know they deserve a gift, they just treating themselves to a luxurious piece, which uplifts the mood and self-concept and add an extra confidence to the divine look.

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The future bride has seen the ring before wedding? Don’t worry! It is not bad luck! But it doesn’t work with wedding dress; keep your groom away from it. Nowadays many lovers wait until they become more secure in financial way and more responsible; often they are already living together and discussing the marriage before proposal. There exist a lot of cases when a man proposing gives to his future wife a toy ring and after she says so precious “Yes!” they are going to the store and picking the ideal ring together.

Hope my post will become a jewellery gift guide for your girlfriend and will help you make a perfect present and bestow pleasant emotions.



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