The color emerald was declared Pantone s color of the year for 2013. Needless to say that the gemstone emerald is definitely the star of all the jewellery collections this year. In addition to its remarkable and distinctive aeasthetics, this inspiring and calming precious gem celebrates the spiritual communion with nature, for a naturally empowered self. Although emeralds are very trendy this year, they will never go out of style and your investment will certainly pay off on the long-run. In 2013, the frenzy on emeralds and other greenish mineral gemstones is unprecedented. Below is a list of jewellery fashion trends 2013.

1. Teardrop-shaped rings, pendants and earrings studded with vibrant green gemstones. Reminding of a sparkling bead of early morning dew or an isolated raindrop, this exquisite and peaceful shape is undoubtedly one of this spring jewellery trends this year. You can choose subtler pieces of jewellery featuring the teardrop and typically combined with a casual chic ensemble during the day. For a special evening out or a fancy cocktail party, rely on a set of large-sized statement earrings ( another popular trend this year) incorporating multiple complementary gemstones ( for instance poppy red or orange and green-colored precious or semi-precious gems) and combined with an elegant gown for an extravagant effect.

Teardrop-shaped necklace

2. Rose gold, white gold and silver or sterling silver are the precious metals of choice this year. These types of metal complement perfectly the trendy gemstones and provide an elegant, timeless and sophisticated allure for any piece of jewellery. When combined with casual couture, the neutral tones of silver and white gold inspire a chic yet more laid-back look, perfect for running errands and shopping in style. For a special occasion and truly making a statement, rose gold is the perfect choice, because it infuses your pieces of jewellery with a distinctively stunning facet and seductive charm.

3. Mineral gemstones resembling the brilliant emerald are also very trendy and they are excellent for substituting more expensive emeralds, especially if you are on a budget. You can choose chrysoberyl and malachite, whose colors ranges from yellowish green to bright green and even blackish green with a light green streak or even peridot, whose color is solely olive green (darker shades of olive green are more valuable). Peridot is also the birthstone for August and the signs of Leo and Virgo and it is often confused with emerald. Other option include demantoid, which is the green variety of the mineral gemstone called andradine garnet and whose shades range from a vivid yellowish green to nearly the verdant and glowing color of fine emeralds. Demantoids, often referred to as Uralian emeralds are small gemstones (under one carat) and those intensely green and featuring horsetail inclusions ( indicating both their prestigious Russian origin and the fact that they are natural) are highly valued. Whilst is a matter of personal preference in choosing a certain shade of green, you cannot go wrong with these trendy albeit inexpensive mineral gemstones which accessorize any casual or evening outfit.

4. Snakes and other reptile-shaped jewellery ( such as chameleons) because 2013 s the year of the snake ( which repeats itself every 12 years), according to the Chinese calendar. The serpentine jewellery collections are making a splash this year, because serpents are said to represent a rich source of inspiration, exceptional wisdom and powerful sense of perception. In addition, there is the common belief that wearing snake jewelry provides the incentive for accomplishing one s goals in life. If your Chinese sign is also the Snake, then a pendant necklace or bracelet featuring a snake preferably with eyes studded with emeralds is going to make you attract the magical power and harmony of the universe. Pair this piece of jewellery with a stylized chameleon brooch incorporating multiple colorful gems, for the ultimate full-blown effect.

jewellery snake bracelet

5. Drusy quartz is another trend in jewelry this year. This crystal-dusted and flat-backed mineral comes in a large variety of colors (rose, citrine, yellowish-green) it is virtually inexpensive and provide an organic, albeit stylish and chic allure to any casual ensemble.

6. Amber and cabochons, which are shaped and polished gemstones and not faceted, allowing thus an oval and natural-looking top with a flat bottom. Amber and oval cabochons pendants are very romantic and they are combine perfectly with a hippie and bohemian outfit. Their typical elliptical shape provides a very attractive yet sweet and delicate look.

7. Gemstone studded handpieces, hair ornaments and trio rings are also very trendy this year and they complement excellently a powerful and extravagant personality. A woman who enjoys showing off and at the same time preserving its youthful spirit can choose to wear a unique piece of jewellery such as a tiara or an imposing necklace with large gemstone for a truly spectacular effect.

In addition, black and white gemstones, such as white topaz, colorless rock crystal, onyx which were very popular in 2012 still remain trendy this year.


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