Cold winter is almost over and new season is on the threshold. Spring brings the desire to wear less clothes and more bright accessories.

At last you can put off your gloves and leave them till next winter. Be ready to show your fresh splendid manicure and make a fashion statement with rings this spring.

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Pay attention to fabulous and famous Dylanlex inspired rings. They are too beautiful for words and the same as necklaces, became the hottest hit immediately after Drew Ginsburg launched her collection. Such A-listers as Kendall Jenner, Jessica Alba and Rihanna have already recruited their jewellery holders with these marvelous pieces and were spotted in Dylanlex jewellery at the most famous events.

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These masterpieces are designed to make a statement, to show off and intrigue. You can wear one item and be classy or to make a party wearing up to five rings at once. Everything depends what kind effect you want to achieve.

The best example how to wear Dylanlex jewellery is Drew Ginsburg herself, she combines her rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in very chic way every time making classy effortless look. Rings play special role in her collections as she never leaves home with bare hands.

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And the good news – Dylanlex rings are the most affordable jewellery pieces among all items. And in the near future this jewellery will become even more popular and desired, after Beyonce has demonstrated the selection of this unique and fantastic jewellery in her new video “Formation”.



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