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If you like the unique sparkle of Swarovski crystals, you will be delighted to own the products offered by iloniti. Apart from providing a plethora of alluring handmade options, this jewellery designer also offers the most beautiful across-ear earrings.

iloniti jewellery

Every woman can find plenty of favourites in the collection provided by iloniti, irrespective whether she is particularly keen on the dazzling glamour of Swarovski crystals or not. The designs are anything from modern to vintage and everything in between.

Swarovski crystals are known for being classy and extravagant.

They are favourites among women who like to impress. However, iloniti uses her originality and skills to create jewellery items for various tastes and occasions. You can find bold items that will always be remembered, as well as discreet pieces that just add a bit of sparkle to your outfit without standing out too much.

There are nearly 1,500 jewellery items featuring all the colours you could imagine. So you can find sophisticated ones that work like a charm for a special event, but also small ones in pale colours that you can use even on a daily basis.



Women will be excited to find jewellery that is not only appropriate for strict dress codes, but it can also add a nice feminine touch to change their overall appearance and to make the lack of appeal of any dull outfit fade away. Adequate jewellery can soften any business outfit and make you more likable and approachable.

The iloniti Etsy shop is generous both in terms of products, but also when it comes to customer approach. The designer is highly interested in maintaining her flawless customer satisfaction so you can feel free to ask questions or to request custom orders.

As part of offering appealing products to her customers, iloniti thought about costs too.

Many women are concerned that they might not afford jewellery featuring the famous Swarovski crystals. The boutique is just a delight if you love glittering jewellery that looks high-end but comes with reasonable prices.

iloniti bridal necklace

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The materials are nickel free. Apart from the bewitching crystals, they mainly feature gold or silver plating over brass, which ensures a durable and elegant item for a fraction of the cost of a regular gold or silver one.

Earrings are the main products of this designer’s boutique.

You can get various styles. Stud earrings, chandelier ones, bridal earrings or across-ear earrings are just a few of the alternatives. When it comes to across-ear earrings, they might still be something new for some ladies, but the remarkably beautiful and creative designs provided by iloniti are definitely worth a try.

iloniti earrings

Apart from bracelets, necklaces and rings, you can also find other accessories such as jewellery sets or hair accessories. Every now and then, there are sales giving you the opportunity to expand your collection for a lower price.

Some jewellery items combine the shiny Swarovski crystals with opaque gemstones such as opal or white pearls. This is great for ladies who would prefer to tone down the glow sometimes.

Iloniti is a jewellery designer with lovely products that can charm anyone. Explore the boutique and discover how creative one can get with Swarovski crystals.


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