Or maybe I should’ve asked ‘WHY?’? When it comes to body chains – the #1 body jewelry trend for summer – I think there are three types of ladies. 1) Hate body chains altogether. 2) Love them and wear them. 3) Like them, but are skeptical about wearing one.

Wearing body chains in summer makes a lot of sense, cause you can show them off either in your bathing suit or more revealing outfits: bare back tops, low cut blouses, crop tops, bustiers etc.

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Of course once the cold season arrives nobody’s actually stopping us from keeping those body chains on. Why would we do this though? Well… as a girl who in summer rarely parts ways with my body chain, I can tell you there’s a bit of sexiness, enticement and empowerment a body chain gives you. Even if no one can see it. So… keeping one on in winter, underneath your clothes can be quite a seductive and glam-edgy thing for you and your partner.

Or, the sight of a body chain underneath a sheer top, or a very low cut blouse when you go out, is a very subtle way to look sexy. Especially with those body chains that are so thin and delicate.

Then there are the fancy parties or cool events we might go to in any season, when a bit of thin body bling that only sparkles at times, can be a very sexy but subtle statement from underneath a very luxurious low cut blazer, a sleek low cut black or white jumpsuit…

body-chains-looks-3 body-chains-looks-2

Still… to answer my question from the title, and with it also give another answer to the  question  – ‘Who in the right mind would want to wear a body chain that no one can see?’ (if playing seduction is not your cup of tea) – Body Chain LOVERS I’ll just tell you this: We can now wear body chains over clothes!

Think of this style trick as the perfect way to dress up a basic top. It’s so simple but sophisticated and edgy it should become a uniform. I swear. From simple thin to thick and intricate designs body chains look fantastic over white or black tops. Keep it super simple even classy and understated and just add a body chain for that extra razzmatazz.

body-chains-7 body-chains-4

This body-chain-over-the-clothes also solves a great problem. No need to have a six pack all year round! Thank God! If being body ready or not is your only refrain from this look, give one a try over your top, OR wear one with a very low cut blouse.

Then you can wear them even in autumn on your skin when you’re in crop top. Just a peak of midriff with a bit of body chain sparkle will do. A little goes a long way.




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