The destiny of engagement ring is to be paired with another jewellery item and this pair of rings is going to beautify your finger for the rest of the life. These pieces should harmoniously complement one another. Some certain forms perfectly work together, but there exist some designs which are very difficult to match. And here are wedding jewellery specialists ready to help you to find perfect item for your engagement ring.

Nowadays you can the wide selection of wedding sets where a wedding band supplements but doesn’t eclipse the beauty of engagement ring. Such sets may contain similar decorative elements in both pieces. If your ring has some baguette side stone, your wedding band may also have some baguette stones but smaller in size. The choice of bridal set depends on your taste preferences and budget.

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Unless they have a particular alternative look or style in mind, most people choose a wedding ring in the same metal as the engagement ring. If your engagement ring is Platinum, it is likely you will look to choose a Platinum wedding band and if you and your fiancé have chosen, matching wedding bands in the same metal.

Typically most people prefer wedding jewellery in one metal. So if your engagement ring is made of platinum, you will probably be looking for the same platinum bands for you and your fiancé.

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Choice of style

Here are three the most popular styles:

  • Number one in this list is court-shaped pieces with softly rounded exterior
  • D-shaped items are typically more narrow and have more expressed profile
  • Flat bands are flat at all sides. Such contemporary design is very often attract men attention.
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The last what you have to decide is whether you want a curved or straight band. This factor is also approved by engagement ring. If the ring has high setting which doesn’t stand, the straight band will work perfectly. But it won’t work with one which has low setting, such as halo design.

Curved band has a curve, the degree of which should be chosen according to the engagement ring style. And if you prefer diamond bridal set, be sure that fitted band with diamonds won’t eclipse your most fabulous and desired jewellery piece.



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