Autumn is a unique, incomparable and mysterious season. Cliff edge of summer happiness and easiness to the autumn spleen can cause serious troubles to your mental and even physical health. Phytotherapists have their own methods of fighting with autumn depression and stresses. The stone should gratify the owner with vital colour, internal power and natural energy kick. The ruby has its all. This fiery-red stone can release even a strongly prolonged depression, helps to reduce insomnia and schizophrenia beginning stage.

ruby jewelry

Ruby bracelet can prevent epileptic seizures and will positively effect to the nervous system.
ruby braslet

Ruby ring will bring its owner in the good and optimistic mood, vitalize and vigor him. Since the old days it was considered that ruby earrings salve the heart, stimulate cerebration, improve human inwardness and memory.
ruby ring

and which autumn jewelry do you prefer?


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