Bracelets are the every woman of fashion “sacramental jewel-case” essentials. It’s splendid if you have great varieties of them (actually, as any others accessories)! But the mismatched bracelet can spoil the impression even of the most standout outfit!

how to choose a bracelet

Do the shape peculiarities affect the choice of bracelet?

The persistent belief in this respect more than half of women perceive as inviolable taboo which states that the bracelet should be narrow if you have slender hands and graceful body and vice versa: with tendency to be overweight any chains are prohibited and the only saving grace are massive wide bracelets! But this prejudice can and has to be disproved! The reason is that crucial significance lies in the bracelet visual “weight” but not its actual width.

Bracelets for slender wrists.

If you have luck to be an owner of slender wrists and long fingers you can wear with confidence:

  • Wide openworked bracelets (consisting of separate elements, rings, mesh structure, including pendants, etc.)
  • Wide varicolored bracelets ( visually the colorful motley “split” the width up)
  • Chain bracelets wrapping the hand few times (that creates an effect of several narrow bracelets worn together)
  • Bracelets with pendants (usually made on the base of the chain which can be clasped not too tight to allow the bracelet flit around the hand)
  • Narrow bracelets of all the shapes and configurations
  • Bracelets for “big-boned” hands
  • For those who tend to be overweight or have bony hands the best choice of bracelets can be the following:
  • Narrow bracelets in case of they are loose enough not to create a felling of the wrist tightness
  • Several bracelets worn simultaneously (you can combine narrow and wide items or use just the narrow ones. The main point here is to match them thoroughly in style and combine properly with clothes and other accessories)
  • Bracelets with pendants: if there are lots of pendants, the bracelet looks like the grapevine what brings the necessary visual bulk to its actual narrow width
  • Massive beads bracelets and bracelets of irregular shape with embellishments and solid centerpiece (these items are usually not designed to slide loosely over hand; that prevents “front face” of being upended to the wrist inside)
  • Wide bracelets of all the shapes and configurations

Match the bracelet to the clothes.

In what order do you get dressed when going somewhere? That’s right- first you dressed on, then you set your hair and the last thing what you are doing is the choice of accessories! To match the bracelet properly to the image crafted you should draw attention to the clothes sleeves.

Surely the easiest way if the sleeves are short or totally absent! Then your arms are revealed almost unlimited space for experiments and you can wear any bracelet (or even few bracelets) which fit in style to your clothes.
But what should we do those dragging 6-8 months in a year when we have to wear long sleeves? You can still hang on to bracelets – just pick up those which are not covered by the sleeves.

In this case the best choice would be the “ring bracelets” (and no worries if the bangle would overlie the sleeve), bracelets rigidly fixed at the wrist, bracelets of complex design (with pendants or any other sold components). But you should not wear the bracelet if the cuff itself is embellished with the trimmings, ruffles, vivid prints or embroideries, or if the sleeves are extended downwards.

If you’re going to an event where the evening gown and gloves are the essentials then the bracelet also can be a highlight of your image! Choose a wide bracelet which can be worn over long gloves; the narrow chain do not suit to this outfit and what is totally unacceptable is to wear several bracelets.
Surely not all of us can afford to buy the precious metals bracelet, but even if it’s an imitation it should be of high quality!

How should you combine the bracelet with other accessories?

Beautiful and Successful prevents you of disharmonizing the image crafted if to combine the bracelet improperly with other accessories.
As Coco Chanel said “before you walked out the door, look in the mirror – you will always find an accessories to take off”. It can turn out to be a bracelet if:

  • You wear a massive, glamorous necklace or collar (especially if combine with deep décolleté with long sleeves)
  • You wear a large vivid ring (moreover –several rings!) on the same hand where your bracelet is. If you are still eager to wear both of them let the bracelet be the adornment of the other hand!
  • The bracelet doesn’t match other embellishments in style. For example you should not choose the wide bangle of rich colour to the elegant chain earrings, combine jewelries with imitation or wear massive beads bracelet with the fine beads necklace, etc.
  • But the bracelet can be the only outstanding accent if:
  • Style of clothing does not allow to wear other embellishments (for example if to mention the “American” style which means covered neck with bared shoulders and arms)
  • The bracelet itself is bulky and distinguishable enough. Your goal is to accentuate the hands beauty.

But there’s nothing worse than to choose the bracelet properly, to match it perfectly with clothes, to pick up befitting accessories and….. to forget about manicure! If you don’t want to repaint nails immediately in to the tone which is more appropriate to the bangle, it’s better to take it off completely!


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