Hidden Layers Exhibition

Hidden Layers serves as a metaphor for the outcomes encountered on the path of the search.  

The ‘deep learning’ uncovers hither-to protected or concealed layers within an individual’s practice.  

Diverse research areas and fine art practices combine to form this multi-disciplinary group – building an individually stronger practice.  Through our research, lost, yet to be discovered, or the newly imagined are encountered.

Hidden Layers Exhibition

Loveness Li’s works are about the colours, shapes and textures of nature – creating a series of jewellery using organic and man-made materials. The overarching concept behind her work is that new life thrives on decay, giving decaying objects new purpose. Her passion for materials has led her to experiment with different types in order to investigate the interplay between materials and design in jewellery.
Exhibition Address: 32 John Adam Street, WC2N 6BP London, United Kingdom
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