All you need for summer are friends, adventures and good jewellery to make luxurious look. Beautiful British based designer Hana owns tiny yet fabulous online shop HanasDesigns where you can find magical jewellery and treasures. Seriously this shop sells the hottest jewellery trends of this summer. I do want almost every item from their collections. Isn’t it an invaluable finding?

Bohemian style accessories are especially in demand in hot summer, when we all want something careless, wild, free and rebellious. It seems like HanasDesigns is a brand which divines all ladies’ desires and needs. Here you will find jewellery masterpieces which will satisfy the most extravagant taste and fit any budget. I think the price affordability is one of the main advantages.

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If you are looking for trendy, yet fabulous accessory to look hot on your date, HanasDesigns propose you extremely stylish chokers – luxurious suede in trendy pastel colors or chokers with embroidery in bright neon. And it is only a part of necklace collection. It also contains beautiful necklaces with pendants made of crystals and marble.

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As for rings collection, it takes pride of place! Dizzy pieces with delicate geometric elements, arrows, crescent moon, hamsa hands, bright crystals and divine turquoise catch my breath. I’d prefer to wear all of them at once. It’s lucky that their contemporary design allows doing this. You can make a stylish layering on your hands or wear rings severally, no matter how but it will make a statement effect.

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All fans of “Game of Thrones” and Emilia Clarke (or more known as Daenerys Targaryen) will be happy to buy magical dragon scale items, which include rings, pendants and bracelets.

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It is a real luck for us, girls, to find a right place where you can buy all necessary things at a sweep. And HanasDesigns is precisely this shop, which will provide you with all the hottest jewellery trends for the season.



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