This summer bohemian style jewellery is must-have accessory for fashionistas who are young, rebellious, creative, open-minded and ready to experiment. Bohemianism emerged in 19th century in France, and since that time leaked into many spheres. In fashion world bohemian chic appeared in early 21th century, when fashionable girls wore floral skirts in the hope of looking bohemian, nomadic, spirited and non-bourgeois. Today bohemian style is perfect for summer, and  ideal way to show your rebellious spirit is to try on boho style jewellery.

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Bohemian style necklaces with  coins, chains, stones, marble and original tribal rings will add chic to summer cool dress or swimwear.

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Beautify your hands with dozens of different bracelets with turquoise or other colorful stones. The more bracelets, the better look. Add massive rings and paint your nails in bright colors for more classy effect.

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Mix two hot trends of the season – body chain and bohemian style jewellery and make your outfit looks chic, sexy and wild. Wear it with jeans cut-offs, swimwear or hippy pants.

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Make fashion, bohemian fashion, not war! Beautify your hair, hands, legs, neck or hips with bohemian style jewellery, but not overdo in order not to look vulgar. Choose one part of your body and use your imagination.

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