Frankly speaking all girls like dazzlers and often replenish jewellery boxes with new splendid items. In summer it is easy to demonstrate all these beautiful pieces with light clothes, but what to do in cold season? How to wear jewellery in winter with warm sweaters and coats?

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To keep your jewellery organized I recommend you to divide all pieces into three groups: summer, winter and casual. Casual jewellery is the basic set appropriate to wear the year round, while summer accessories are bright made of light materials and winter group contains pieces with massive elements – statement necklaces, bold cuffs, rings with big gems and other items of muted hues made of different metals with leather, wooden or ceramic elements. Winter jewellery should be eye-catching not to go amiss against close texture and jersey reliefs.

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This winter has a single rule for accessories – the bigger item, the more stylish look. The casual outfit with collar can be accomplished with classy layered necklace or edgy choker with fringe.

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Sweaters with volume turtle neck perfectly match with tiny stud earrings comfortable to wear or statement ring and bold cuffs if the sleeves are tight enough.

Almost all knitwear looks amazing with ethnic style jewellery.

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If you are going to spent most of your day in warm and cozy outer garments, choose brooches. Luxurious bright brooch is perfect way to add vivid hints to the outfit in dull winter. Keep in mind – the close texture should be accomplished with massive oversized brooches.

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For keen fashionistas who like to make a huge fashion statement I recommend to wear massive bright necklace over the coat like Russian it-girl Miroslava Duma used to. It looks extremely stylish and you definitely won’t stay unnoticed. Interesting and fresh option is to wear jewellery in the same color as your coat.

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Statement earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches will perfectly match winter outfit. Make your look bright and classy but not overdo, choosing not more than two statement pieces at once.



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