If you are a big fan of online shopping and it happened that you bought some Pandora piece via Internet, you certainly asked yourself a question: Is my Pandora bracelet real? Today we will check it!

Recently I have been surfing the net in search of beautiful new jewellery to buy and discovered wide variety of Pandora charms on eBay.  The sellers confirm all the products to be genuine, but they couldn’t throw dust in my eyes. Being a person who is jewellery addicted, a huge Pandora and Endless fun, and an expert in online shopping, I know for sure these charms were fakes. Sometimes copycats look so authentic that a lot of people may not feel the difference. But if you are a jewellery lover such as me who prefer original and like to get what you pay for, I will confide some secrets of identifying authentic Pandora products.

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The brand marks all their products with signs in order to help buyers in identifying fake and authentic products. Look trough these ten prompts to defend yourself during online shopping.

1) Check your bracelet, the real one has a small crow over the “O” letter on the clasp.

2) If the charm is made of sterling silver, it will be marked 925 ALE; therefore this sign has become widely known, all charms outlet after fall of 2011 are stamped with S925 ALE. While gold charms are marked with 525 instead of 925.

3) REMEMBER! Pandora has NEVER released charms with Swarovski crystal!

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4) Authentic charms must have a threaded core; but it has nothing to do with pendants and spacers.

5) A lot of people selling Pandora on eBay may have the item number in their listing. Typically this is an indicator that the product is original. But hold off treading on air! Some time ago I found a seller dealing the charms with numbers, claiming to be genuine. But after searching on Internet the item number, all I found were charms from a website with copycats. On Pandora.net you can find all current charms and their numbers.

6) You can find a lot of charms with elements made of murano glass. If the murano glass look sloppy and smeary be sure it is fake.

7) The best exponent to identify genuine product is an oxidized core. Fake charms have a bright shiny silver core on a bead. I also discovered that Pandora began to oxidize the core just few years ago, so older items may not have oxidized core. But I think all the charms available now have it.

8) Don’t trust the seller’s feedback; it is not an identifier whether his products are original. A lot of sellers receiving the charms can’t differentiate fake from genuine.

9) One of the main rules is to pay attention to item number and check it on official website. And don’t forget some sellers use fake numbers to make charms look authentic.

10) Don’t forget this prompts if you have decided to buy Pandora via eBay. Don’t buy into price. The lower the price, the bigger chance to get fake Pandora. The genuine charm can’t have a price lower than 75% of the store price, even if it is a special Buy It Now. You may get the best charm deal via eBay through auction. But before bidding, make sure and discover if the item is authentic.

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Hope this information will help you to buy qualitative Pandora products online without being cheated.



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